Holidays in Greece: what circumstances travelers have to reckon with

 Many travelers visit the Acropolis in Athens. Many travelers visit the Acropolis in Athens. Bild: IMAGO / Panthermedia / IMAGO / Panthermedia Analyse

It's mid-August, most federal states are still on school vacation and numerous families, couples and friends are flying off on their well-deserved summer vacation. Greece is a particularly popular destination, the daily News already announced a 'tourism boom' here in April.

Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu, Crete. With their beaches, ancient temples and Mediterranean temperatures, the Greek islands are among the most popular holiday destinations for many Germans. But how relaxed and how safe is it actually there, in view of the energy saving measures that have recently been Vacation close?

What was decided?

The EU target of reducing gas consumption by 15 percent has been in effect since August 9th. The EU countries want to save gas in the coming months with numerous measures in order to be prepared for an emergency: a possible delivery stop Russia . In Greece, too, less consumption is to be consumed, which is why the following measures have been decided: