Hours of anxiety for Jerry Calà, he had a heart attack in Naples

The actor is in the Campania capital to shoot the film Who kidnapped Jerry Calà. Operated in the night is out of danger, but for safety remains under observation

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Anxiety for the actor Jerry Calà: in the night between 17 and 18 March, the actor had a heart attack. Anxiety was followed by relief: from his entourage they let it be known that he is now out of danger, even if he remains under observation for safety

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URGENCY OPERATION - Calà fell ill around two in the morning, in his room at the Santa Lucia hotel on the Naples waterfront. 118 was immediately alerted, the ambulance arrived shortly after and the actor was immediately transferred to the Mediterranean Clinic in red code for emergency surgery. “His conditions are good, he is confident of a quick recovery and his return to work on the set of the film in the next few days and from April with the resumption of his tour”, they always let his entourage know.

ABSOLUTE PROTAGONIST IN NAPLES – The actor is in the Campania capital to shoot the film Who kidnapped Jerry Calà? directed and interpreted by him. Among the actors Massimo Boldi, Sergio Assisi, but Mara Venier was also involved, who had an affair with the actor ( guard ) and the cat (from Vicolo Miracoli) Umberto Smaila ( guard ) . The actor had just arrived in Naples after filming in Molise.

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