How do you protect those who file a report for stalking?

In Bologna, Alessandra Matteuzzi, 56, was massacred by the ex, Giovanni Padovani, 26. But she had already filed a complaint a month earlier

 alessandra-matteuzzi-murder-bologna Alessandra Matteuzzi, 56, in the photos of her Instagram profile. Video

The way forward is that of a specific preparation of the police and prosecutors. They are the ones who must make a proper risk assessment by identifying risk indicators in the victim's story, for example if threats are made with weapons, or if the accused has put his hands on the victim's neck.
But the list of risk behaviors is long and codified, refined by experts, and many training courses are made for these. In the event that an imminent danger is detected, pending checks on the accused, which must be timely, the victim must be offered the opportunity to access a protected facility. The need for timely checks is essential because once the investigations have been made, the law allows the adoption of both the maximum measure, that is, pre-trial detention, and the prohibition of approaching the victim accompanied by electronic control tools. The news often highlights the cases in which the report for stalking did not avoid a tragic epilogue, but thanks to the complaints - in constant growth - and the work of the police, the phenomenon is constantly contained.

A lessandra Matteuzzi, Giovanni Padovani silent in front of the investigating judge, who validates the arrest - guard

MUCH WORK TO DO - That said, there is a lot of work to be done. Faced with a steady decline in homicides in Italy, femicides remain substantially constant and are today the leading cause of violent death in Italy. To deal effectively with such a dramatic phenomenon, investments in anti-violence campaigns that affect consciences and culture are also necessary. Countries such as Spain, where the state is committed to this, have seen a decrease in crimes of violence against women.