How do you protect yourself from unilateral changes in gas and electricity prices?

The cost of energy continues to rise. But there is a law decree. But it still has to be converted

 expensive-bills Gas (and electricity) prices continue to rise

In the free market, the electricity and gas supplier can unilaterally modify the contractual clauses, price included, if this is contractually envisaged for justified and expressly indicated reasons. The modification must be announced in advance by a communication to the customer, with three months' notice. However, to cope with high energy costs, the bis aid decree (law decree no.115 / 2022 in force since 10 August 2022) suspended the possibility of suppliers to modify the conditions for the supply of electricity and gas until 30 April. 2023.
The ban applies to all contracts for which the amendment has not yet been applied. For example: If the supplier notified the customer that the price change would be effective from August 1, 2022, the change will already be active. If, on the other hand, the supplier has communicated that the price change will be applied starting from 1 September 2022, the change is suspended and the energy / gas price will remain unchanged despite the communication. The decree-law is already in force, but it will still be necessary to wait for its conversion into law, within two months, to check whether the Parliament will confirm or modify the law.

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