How much is Giorgia Meloni worth? Ugandan General Muhoozi Kainerugaba (son of the president) offers 100 cows

Shock proposal from the head of the African country's armed forces on Twitter. Then he puts it into reverse, but it's too late: there are those who laugh at it and those who take it seriously (and badly)

 giorgia-meloni-muhoozi-kainerugaba Ugandan General Muhoozi Kainerugaba and the shock proposal for Fdi leader Giorgia Meloni

While the Italians are waiting to see her at work to understand how much she is worth, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, head of the Ugandan army and son of the President, has already had a precise idea of ​​Giorgia Meloni's value: for him 100 cows are a price more than congruous. The general wrote it clearly in a tweet: 'How many cows do you give the next prime minister of Italy?'. Textually: 'How many cows will you give to the next Italian prime minister?' and then he posted a smiling photo of the Fdi leader. Then he added in another post: «I would immediately give you 100 Nkore Cows».

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THE GENERAL DOES NOT STOP EVEN IN THE FACE OF THE RIDICULOUS - Quickly what initially seemed like just a sexist joke slowly turned into a small soap opera. Also because General Kainerugaba, in a series of unfortunate tweets, first evoked Hannibal, who had conquered Rome by moving from Africa (in reality the Carthaginian general was rejected before taking the city) and then explained that in Uganda women are not flowers are given, but cows, and that those offered by him, of the Nkore breed, are among the most valuable. So he wrote that he would march off the course with his herd of him.

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THE LATE BACKWARD – Finally, perhaps realizing the gaffe, Kainerugaba removed the initial post, but by now his tweet had been saved and relaunched. And the wave of comments was not long in coming, among those who proposed to take the cows for Meloni and those who thanked him for the generous offer. And so to stop the global embarrassment, the feeling is that 100 cows will certainly not be enough, even if they are of the prized Nkore breed.