Hypersonic missiles on a Russian frigate. Putin: 'They will protect us from external threats'

Moscow recounts the victims of the New Year's massacre: 'They are 89'. The 007 Ukrainians are expecting a massive attack. Kiev's intelligence chief: 'Putin has cancer and will die soon'. But the Kremlin leader puts hypersonic missiles into the sea: 'They will protect us from external threats'

  Putin Assist To The Commonweath Of Independent States Summit (CIS) In Astana Vladimir Putin is certain: “The Zircon hypersonic missile system has no rivals in the world” Photo Video

Moscow recounts the victims of the New Year's massacre at the Makiivka base: no longer 63 dead, but 89. Even if someone, not hostile to the Kremlin, thinks there are many more. Vladimir Putin puts a frigate with hypersonic missiles into the sea: 'They will protect us from external threats.' Kiev denounces the use of corpses as a shield by the Russians and prepares for a massive attack. But the head of 007 is sure: 'Putin has cancer and will die soon.' - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5 | video 6 | video 7

Mariupol, the Russians rebuild after the occupation Mariupol, the Russians rebuild after the occupation

Putin's revenge for the Crimean bridge: raid on Zaporizhzhia residential districts - guard

THE WAIT - A new attack was carried out yesterday in Kherson, where bombs fell 73 times and artillery, MLRS, mortars and tanks were used. But Kiev's 007s live in a kind of expectation, looking to the Ukrainian Christmas of January 7 and expecting a massive attack from Moscow. This was stated by the head of military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, in an interview with Abc . However, after claiming responsibility for the attack on Russia's Engels air force base, 800 miles across the border, Budanov warned that Ukrainian attacks could get 'deeper and deeper' inside Russia. As for those in Crimea, the military points out that the peninsula is 'Ukrainian territory' and therefore 'we can use any weapon on our territory'. Budanov says he is shocked by what he saw on Bakhmut's front in December: 'The soldiers showed me an area where there were piles of corpses, something out of a movie. There are hundreds of bodies decomposing in the fields. In some places they are stacked on top of each other, like a kind of wall, when the Russians attack they use these bodies for shelter, like a shield.” Then he ventures into a prophecy that has been repeated on and off since the beginning of the conflict, regarding Putin's health: 'He's been ill for a long time, I'm sure he has cancer. I think he will die quickly. I hope soon'.

Ursula von der Leyen, the revelation (by mistake) that leaves dismay: more than 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers died in the war - guard

RUSSIAN DEFEAT NEAR - Paris decided to send tanks of French production to Kiev. Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter: 'Until we win, until peace returns to Europe, our support for Ukraine will not diminish'. The French president had an interview with the Ukrainian leader and adds: 'I confirmed it to President Zelensky: France will provide light combat tanks and will continue its support in the field of air defense'. And on Telegram, Zelensky relaunches, arguing that the Elysée decision 'gives a clear signal to all our other partners: there is no rational reason why Western-style tanks have not yet been supplied to Ukraine. This is a very important aspect in restoring security for all Ukrainians and peace for all Europeans. Such a signal is extremely relevant before a new Ramstein summit. It is necessary to end Russian aggression this year and not delay any of the defense opportunities that can hasten the defeat of this terrorist state. Modern Western armored vehicles are just one of these key opportunities.”

War in Ukraine, hell behind but winter ahead - guard

NEW YEAR'S MASSACRE - Meanwhile, Moscow admits that the victims of the New Year's massacre at the Makiivka base are more than what has been declared to date: not 63, but 89. And the blame is placed on the intercepted cell phones of the soldiers. However the blogger WarGonzo , awarded by Putin in recent weeks, insists: 'The dead are many more and the excuse of cell phones is a hoax'. Meanwhile, the death toll from the bombing by Ukrainian forces on a residential area of ​​Vasilyevka, in the occupied region of Zaporizhzhia, has risen to 5 dead and 15 wounded, as reported by the governor Yevhen Balitsky. According to Kiev's secret services, Moscow is sending new military units to Crimea. Says Andriy Chernyak, from the defense ministry: “Russia's goal was to capture the Donetsk region, the coast of the Azov Sea and to cut off Ukraine from access to the Black Sea. our foreign partners supply us with new types of weapons, the so-called land corridor to the Crimea is obviously not safe. Ukraine will strike Russian positions throughout the occupied territory.” Dmitry Rogozin, the former Russian deputy prime minister who was injured in an ambush in Ukraine, announced that he had sent the shrapnel that hit him to Macron, given that a French Caesar cannon was used on the occasion.

Kiev in the frost and in the dark. Klitschko: “Terrible winter. We must prepare to evacuate the city' - guard

HYPERSONIC MISSILES - But the eyes of the West are focused on the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov, launched yesterday by Putin, which set sail on a mission in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean. In fact, she carries a system for Zirkon hypersonic missiles on board. Putin said he was certain that this system has 'no rivals in the world'. And he cautioned: “I am sure that such powerful weapons will reliably protect Russia from potential external threats. They will help ensure the national interests of our country. I want to emphasize that we will continue to develop the combat capabilities of the armed forces and produce advanced weapons that will help defend Russia's security in the coming decades.'

Kiev, attack on Kherson: 'Five hundred Russians hit'. Erdogan hears Putin and Zelensky – guard

FAR PEACE - According to Cnn Components manufactured by more than a dozen American and Western companies have been found in an Iranian drone used in the conflict. Already in December, Washington had set up a task force to understand how it was possible for someone to circumvent the sanctions. The Financial Times finally, she proposes her path to peace, which in fact takes her further and further away: 'This is not the time to consider the idea of ​​a ceasefire or to negotiate. With Russia still in control of most of the four regions 'annexed' in October, in addition to Crimea and parts of eastern Donbass seized in 2014, there are no conditions for Kiev to come to the table'. The idea that Russia withdraws, leaving even Crimea on the ground without deploying its nuclear arsenal appears, to tell the truth, rather improbable.

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