Ikea branches cause criticism with restaurant changes

  Furniture manufacturer Ikea is also known for its gastronomic offer. Furniture manufacturer Ikea is also known for its gastronomic offer. Image: imago images/manfred segerer

The furniture giant Ikea wants to become more sustainable. The Swedish company has set itself the goal of being climate positive by 2030. An ambitious goal in view of global supply chains and thousands of branches worldwide.

In order to achieve this, Ikea has already made various changes in the past. Furniture like the iconic Billy shelf will in future be made from sturdy cardboard instead of wood . So-called circular hubs have been set up in many Ikeas, where customers can buy faulty or used furniture at lower prices. In addition, the restaurants in the branches are increasingly focusing on plant-based food and often sell vegan alternatives cheaper than animal-based ones.

The prospect of not eating fries enrages Twitter users

Such innovations do not please everyone. How controversial they can be discussed is currently being shown Twitter . On Thursday, a photo of an Ikea information board made waves there. 'We deliberately do without fries,' it says in large letters. According to the notice, a portion of fries causes more than four times as much carbon dioxide during processing and preparation as a portion of boiled potatoes.

Opposite to t-online Ikea confirmed the authenticity of the sign. No fries are currently being offered in the branches in Würzburg and Bremerhaven. However, these are “individual decisions” by the locations. However, there are currently no plans to remove French fries from the range throughout Germany.

Twitter users defend themselves against 'instruction'

Even if it is ultimately just individual branches: What is certain is that the thought of a possible waiver of French fries at Ikea many people angry. 'I want to be treated as a responsible customer and not as an object of education,' writes right-wing blogger Boris Reitschuster, who also publishes disinformation about the corona pandemic and the Climate crisis spread.

The FDP politician Gerhard Papke also feels patronized by the Ikea reference. 'You can also save CO₂ by not making trips to shops that brazenly act as people's educators,' writes Papke on Twitter.

Outrage attracts mockery

Others poke fun at the commotion the change has caused. 'And imagine! There is no hot food at all in the hardware store,' writes one user. Anyone who feels taught because a furniture store no longer offers fries can no longer be helped, says another.

Another thanks Ikea for having peace of mind now because they managed to 'busy legal Twitter so much with a simple waiver of fries'.

Source: watson.de