Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, all the secrets of the Tottis war

'You betrayed first.' With an interview with Corriere Totti, he closed any possibility of agreements to protect children (and reputation). And in the duel in court, which promises to be no holds barred, there is a risk of going far beyond the 'theft' of watches

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From the War of the Roses to the War of the Rolexes, a very effective Twitter summary of the now bleak farewell between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi. After the interview with the historic champion at Corriere della Sera, the most media-based divorce of recent years changes pace. And binary. If it is true that we were approaching an agreement for a consensual separation (all still to be built differently from what has been told), now the path of understanding is hampered by declarations, admissions and very heavy considerations that distance the hypothesis of a peaceful ending - Photo | video

THE NON-EXISTING COMMUNION - The clash in court, at this point, is around the corner. So we read between the lines of the former footballer's words. The beloved number 10 indulged in serious allegations including an accusation of 'theft' (a crime that does not exist between spouses): Ilary allegedly took away his Rolex collection. “He went to the bank and emptied the safety deposit boxes. He claims that I gave them to him but they are a man's », he complains. Then he admits: 'I hid the bags ( signed , ed), hoping for an exchange ». A story that can make spectators smile but that could end up in court and weigh down the duel at a distance just when, instead, we should do everything possible not to unleash grudges. And speaking of the 'money' theme, of the wealth of this couple, Today is able to reveal an important point of the separation: that much fabled millionaire patrimony - in common - on which it has been fictional for months and which would now be shared, does not exist. It is not for the simple fact that Mr. Totti and Mrs. Blasi are married under the separation of assets and that they have no company or assets in common. Everyone has their own assets registered.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, not only luxury bags and shoes have disappeared from the wardrobe ... - guard

THE VILLA COUNTS - The knot of separation will be played out on other topics: who will stay and live with their children in the fabulous one thousand square meter Eur villa? How much will the allowance that Totti will pay to the children for their maintenance have to amount? And will the wife be entitled to something? How will they share their time with the kids? Will one of them decide to prove that the couple broke up due to the betrayal of the other by asking, in fact, for a separation through fault or through the courts?

Ilary Blasi and the flirtation with Cristiano Iovino, finally the truth - guard

WHO BETRAYED FIRST? - And here we return to the interview given by the former champion to Corriere, a question and answer designed to convey the message that Totti's lover, Noemi Bocchi, is not the cause of the family breakup. Translated: Blasi will not be able to prove that the breakup was consummated because of Totti, if ever she had in mind to go down that path. 'I was not the first to betray,' explains Totti, who thus attributes the beginning of marital infidelity to his wife. Only later, he admits, did he start dating another woman, Noemi, who is now his partner. 'Our story began after New Year's Eve' ( 2022 , ed), explains about it. Then he details her accusations against Ilary: she had another relationship. 'She dated a guy and other men a little too closely before my story with Noemi was born', betrayals he discovered by looking for evidence of her on her cell phone. Furthermore, according to the Captain, Ilary was not as close to him as he would have wished when he said goodbye to football, in 2016, and left him alone when in October 2021 he lost his father Enzo, struck down by Covid.

Francesco Totti: “Ilary Blasi? I didn't cheat first: I found the messages on his phone

INTERVIEW… BOOMERANG - 'My wife, when I needed her most, wasn't there. In the spring of 2021 we went into crisis definitively ', adds the former football player al Courier after all summer he 'externalized' his truth through statements entrusted to his closest friends. An interview, his, which made the people of social networks indignant: an avalanche of tweets and Instagram messages overwhelmed Totti accusing him of inconsistency for having declared that he wanted to protect his children only to have then fed the whole nation facts completely personal stories and damaging stories of the image of his children's mother, the woman he lived with for 20 years. An interview that, net of likes or dislikes, risks penalizing him when he is in front of the judge because, you know, those who deal with family law do not tolerate a parent who publicly denigrates the other and thus exposes the children to further suffering.

Ilary Blasi thus responds to the words of Francesco Totti - video

NO REVENGE (FOR NOW) - On the other hand, Blasi responded to the media fire with silence and a meager statement entrusted to her lawyer, Alessandro Simeone: 'I have always protected my children and I will continue to do so. Everyone is responsible for her actions. ' Those who know her well swear that for a matter of consistency the presenter will not change the line and she will not do any interviews on TV, to very true , by her friend Silvia Toffanin. For now, her strategy is not about revenge. The cryptic phrase 'I have discovered things that could ruin 50 families', attributed to Ilary, was reported to a journalist by a friend.