Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, not only luxury bags and shoes have disappeared from the wardrobe ...

She goes out with her friends and communicates only with pictures. He, they say, regretted having talked too much. While now he no longer hides with Noemi Bocchi. Waiting for new legal implications

  ilary-blasi-francesco-totti-divorce-emptied-wardrobe-1920 Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, a great love that ended not badly ... much worse Photo Video

Two months after the press release announcing the separation of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, twists and turns, punctuate the days of the Tottis show. Thus, Ilary Blasi's ex, Sean Brocca, who speaks and then through a lawyer makes it known that he never said: 'Ilary knew about the betrayals, she stayed with Totti for convenience.' Uncle Stefano who takes the field for his niece and sends digs to the captain: 'We have been taught the true value and meaning of family, to do what is right, instead of what suits us'. And then the inferences that rain like meteors from hour to hour, like this one: there is the 'Totti-Blasi spa' to be shared, a patrimony of 110 million euros. In short, in the most mediatic separation of recent years, distinguishing the novel and the truth is very complex. As Today on newsstands writes, there is no asset to divide: Francesco and Ilary are married under the separation of assets and each has his own companies. There will be no 'heritage' topic on the negotiating table - Photo | video

Francesco Totti: “Ilary Blasi? I didn't cheat first: I found the messages on his phone

EVERYTHING (OR ALMOST) GONE FROM THE WARDROBE - In the meantime, the social networks document us on how Ilary's life is proceeding. The presenter was at the Rome Opera House ( guard ) to see her friend Eleonora Abbagnato dance and posted some selfies with her and Noemi Bonomo. The evening was also an opportunity to publish another of her looks and highlight a Gucci bag. The day before, Ilary had shown Prada loafers. A coded message for Totti? It could be because, of course, Ilary did not like the fact that while in Croatia with her daughter Isabel the designer bags and all the shoes disappeared from her closet (but not only ...). The presenter found the walk-in closet completely emptied. And now she smiles from her profile showing the new shoulder strap and she seems to say: life goes on. The shops are open ...

Francesco Totti against Ilary Blasi: depression, lost rolexes, Noemi Bocchi ... 'Here's how things are

REPENTANCE, THEY SAY ... - Francesco Totti, on the other hand, continues with his media campaign: his friend (Alex Nuccetelli) speaks, his friend's wife (Anna Boschetti) speaks, he speaks himself. A continuous outburst, with all due respect to the resolutions declared several times: 'I want to protect my children.' Yet even for him, perhaps, something is changing. Someone let it be known that he would have regretted the interview given to Corriere della Sera ( guard ). Those close to him, however, do not explain why: repented after the social media people attacked him very hard, showing that even the King of Rome risks the love of the public? Do you regret that those words made the already difficult negotiation for the separation even more complicated? Or repentant because among those phrases there are legal pitfalls: statements that could prove to be a boomerang for the former Roma captain?

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: the house divided in half, the move to Milan, the lightning agreement ... Truths and lies about the divorce of the year - guard

WITH NOEMI IN THE SUNLIGHT - Next to him, now, there is more and more often Noemi Bocchi, the new girlfriend. Totti is no longer hiding. And it is still to be understood why in recent months he has taken refuge, in the dark, in the car of her friends, or on a boat in the middle of the sea, so as not to be photographed with her. After the official release of the separation, on paper, both he and Ilary are free to attend whoever they want. Why all this effort, then?