Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: the house divided in half, the move to Milan, the lightning agreement ... Truths and lies about the divorce of the year

Two months after the release of the separation, the agreement is far away. The lawyers are at work. While the presenter and the former football player are fighting at a distance with different weapons. And not everything that transpires corresponds to what's really going on

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'Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti have returned to live under the same roof,' screamed the newspapers in recent days. It almost seemed like the whistle for the start of extra time and, instead, there is no 'act of peace' because Ilary and Francesco have never stopped living together in the mega-villa of one thousand meters (and 25 rooms) at Eur. Neither of us has moved (so much so that we have not seen any photos of trucks or boxes). Much more simply, the presenter spent her summer in Tanzania, Sabaudia, Trentino and Croatia while he remained in the Sabaudia area. Both have now returned to Rome, home. Also because the law provides that neither of them can force the other to leave until there is a hearing that defines who belongs to the family home. And it is not credible (but not even in his plans) that there will soon be a transfer of Blasi to Milan, as has been written, because if Ilary wanted to change city with his three children he would have to have the consent of his father or, alternatively, the street of the judge. Why, in the meantime, do they continue to live under the same roof if the love is over and even if there is a new relationship at stake? The real reasons could be many: exhausting the other to induce him to make a mistake; demonstrate to the judge that there is a strong bond with the family; not care about the situation because in that house you only go back to sleep. When you go back. Be that as it may, if the presenter and the former champion decide to change their home, they could do so (there is no longer 'abandonment of the marital roof'), but it is true that the vast majority of people who separate, until appear before the judge, continue to live together - Photo | video

'Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi had been separated at home for months'. The latest confirmations from the couple's friends - guard

TACTICS - Totti has chosen to 'let off steam' with friends: thanks to his confidences, his 'thought' transpires through people who then talk to the newspapers. The inseparable Alex Nuccetelli thought about her words throughout the summer, with phrases even in the first person: 'Woe to those who touch Ilary, because she is always my wife, okay, ex-wife, the mother of my parents. children ... But if he had done something more, I would not have moved away ». Then there are the speculations. And then you go to understand what it means to 'do more'. The tussle broke out on social media: the 'King of Rome' who says that if his wife had done more he would still be with her, has angered many ladies.

Ilary Blasi, the separation from Francesco Totti could have been avoided in this way (he says) - guard

IT'S HIS FAULT - There are newspapers that have openly sided with one or the other. The truth is, no one really knows what happened in that couple and who knows, can't tell. Have they really been in crisis for more than a year or is it another strategy artfully put around so that having a new relationship seems less serious? For now, the 'friends' of number 10 have made it known that the crisis would start from a betrayal of the presenter with her personal trainer, Cristiano Iovino (mute for now). Francesco would have found unequivocal messages on his cell phone. In the meantime, however, Totti would have a new relationship with Noemi Bocchi, as shown by the photos that pinched him as he enters and leaves her house at night. A serious story, it seems, that Ilary discovered when she decided to have her husband followed by an investigator. Until then, her confidence was such as to convince her to go in front of the cameras, Silvia Toffanin's guest at Verissimo, to deny their crisis: «Between us everything is fine, but a crisis».

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, it's a battle of ... image pending the legal one - guard

THE LEGAL SEPARATION - At what point is the legal separation between the host and the former champion? We are at the initial dribble, there is no agreement but not even a declaration of war and, in fact, to date no appeals have been filed for judicial separation (although the technical times to be sure are longer). Both Totti and Blasi are determined to protect their three children from legal battles that would have serious repercussions on their lives. And the hypothesis, aired yesterday, of an agreement to live every other week in the Eur villa with the boys, seems unreliable at the moment since it would presuppose an idyllic relationship between the spouses. Situation very far from reality. A desire for 'protection' which, however, has some contradictions at the moment: children also defend themselves by maintaining strict confidentiality on family matters. Why are news, thoughts and considerations leaking out every day? Il Pupone appointed his defender Antonio Conte, court of Rome, only to then enlist Annamaria Bernardini De Pace on Milan. Ilary Blasi has at her side Alessandro Simeone, a former collaborator of De Pace to whom she asked to defend her daughter, Chiara Giordano, in the divorce from Raoul Bova. Why this move by Totti? Here, too, only hypotheses can be made: perhaps it was thought that the good relations between De Pace and Simeone could favor a faster and easier agreement. But this hypothesis could be a simplification because when you receive the task of defending two public figures whose nuptials have been broadcast live on TV and whose divorce has held court for the whole summer, there is no friendship or sympathy that holds: do the interests of your client without discounts, as it should be. Out of the legal quibbles, to determine who 'won' as a parent and as a person, it will be only their rate of suffering or their serenity. That will be the real sentence.