Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: the legal battle begins on 14 October

The first hearing has been set for the two exes. But before talking about separation, some questions must be settled: what happened to her bags and his Rolex

 ilary-blasi-francesco-totti-divorce-emptied-wardrobe-1920 Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: the most discussed divorce of the summer arrives at the first hearing Photo Video

After months of behind-the-scenes interviews and bombshells, the first official (and legal) date of the Blasi-Totti separation has arrived: the hearings begin on 14 October. The meeting will be dedicated to Blasi's bags that disappeared from her closet and which she is asking for their return. The civil judge will therefore have to decide on the fate of the Chanel, Gucci, Prada collections of which traces have now been lost. – Photo | video

Totti between football and Noemi. And Ilary teases him so Totti between football and Noemi. And Ilary teases him like this

Ilary Blasi, the lawyer: 'Never asked for a single euro for his maintenance' - guard

THE REVENGE OF THE ROLEXES – Following the disappearance of his precious watches from the safety deposit box, the former Roma captain admitted to Corriere della Sera that he had taken the presenter's designer bags as a 'pawn': 'And what was I supposed to do? I hid the bags from her, hoping for an exchange, but there was no way ”, he said on that occasion. Perhaps at that moment Totti hoped that the matter would not arrive in a courtroom, but this did not happen.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, all the secrets of the Tottis war - guard

BAGS OF DISCORD – The lawyer assisting Ilary Blasi, Alessandro Simeone, then filed a reinstatement action in defense of possession to get the bags back. And on the 14th, the judge will examine the case. And Francesco Totti, in the meantime, seems to be moving with a similar procedure to recover the lot of expensive Swiss watches.

Ilary Blasi faces the Rolex war with… irony – guard

MAINTENANCE AND FAKE NEWS - There has been much talk in the newspapers about the possibility of signing a consensual separation for which the presenter would have asked for 20,000 euros a month for herself and 17,500 for her three children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel. 37 thousand and 500 in all. 450 thousand euros per year. Proposal to which Totti allegedly rebutted with 7 thousand euros a month for the boys. In reality, as our weekly had already anticipated in recent days ( guard ), Ilary Blasi will not ask for any maintenance allowance for herself and if she ever asked for it, given her income, she would not get it.