Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, the separation ends up in court

No agreement: barring miracles, the end of their love will be 'celebrated' in a courtroom. And then we will see some good ones. Actually, some bad ones. With lots of regards to the treasure they both said they wanted to protect: their children

  ilary-blasi-francesco-totti-truth-lies-1920 Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, photo story of a love that ended... in court Photo Video

Diplomacy has failed, the Tottis war ends up in court. The two 'chancelleries' – i.e. the galactic and Milanese studies of Annamaria Bernardini de Pace and Alessandro Simeone (who worked together years ago) – have not managed to come to an agreement and Ilary Blasi against Francesco Totti is a match that will be played in court. – Photo | video

Chanel Totti, the jab at mother Ilary Blasi and father Francesco Chanel Totti, the jab at mother Ilary Blasi and father Francesco

“Francesco Totti is very fiery, Ilary Blasi has a headache…”. And she starts the complaint – guard

REJECTED PROPOSALS - From what transpires, Totti presented some proposals that were rejected by Blasi. The lawyers took a few more days of reflection to try to get there on the edge to a consensual separation (and therefore less 'bloody', especially for the couple's three children), but now only the inevitable is expected: for one of the two parties to light the fuse in court, and delegate the decision to the judge. A decision that includes feelings and money.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, all the secrets of the Tottis war - guard

CHECKS AND ASSIGNMENT - If indeed, as revealed by Today , the gigantic common heritage of which it is said that in reality does not exist, having married Francesco and Ilary in separation of assets, it is necessary to establish who will be entrusted with the three children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel (in order of appearance), a crucial question which brings with it another: who will remain to live in the fabulous and huge villa in Eur (one thousand square meters), now occupied by both, given the possibility of 'dividing' it into two separate wings? Finally, and this is the murky core that will end up being probed in court (and inevitably in the newspapers), who is to blame for the separation? Simplifying as much as possible: who cheated first (or first)?

Ilary Blasi and the flirtation with Cristiano Iovino, finally the truth - guard

THE TWO VERSIONS (Actually THREE) - Totti, in a now famous and controversial interview with Courier , claims that it was Ilary. Her 'spokesperson' Alex Nuccetelli, who was recently distrusted by Blasi's lawyer (but he took it sportingly: 'I have so many things to tell, now I get rid of everything'), added some gossip to the fire, speaking of a tacit agreement which in practice admitted mutual horns, and of a 'long-lasting association' - therefore more serious - of Blasi with a Mediaset executive. “Francis will not have been totally a saint. In these years of difficulty between them, almost by tacit agreement, if he had had ten flirtations, and she had two or three acquaintances, one of which lasted for years on the upper floors of Mediaset, I don't think it is serious. From the entourage of Blasi, who for now has kept a lower media profile, instead filters retroactive exasperation for the (alleged) serial betrayals of Pupone. Who now, unlike his (ex) wife, seems to have 'settled down': her story with Noemi Bocchi is now official and Francesco celebrated her 46th birthday with her and the two older 'boys', Cristian and Chanel . In short, if he goes to a courtroom, we will see some good ones. Actually, some bad ones. With many greetings to the 'treasure' that they both swore they wanted to protect: their children.