Ilary Blasi and the flirtation with Cristiano Iovino, finally the truth

Francesco Totti says he found compromising messages on his (almost ex) wife's phone. And everyone has thought of the Roman personal trainer. Which now reveals how things stand

 ilary-blasi-cristiano-iovino-1920 Ilary Blasi and Cristiano Iovino Photo Video

There are those who are not there to play Francesco Totti's match against Ilary Blasi and so the denials are flooded. First that of Blasi's ex-boyfriend, Sean Brocca, who through a lawyer asks to clarify: 'I never said that Ilary was with her husband for convenience.' Now comes another much more significant one: that of the person concerned, that Cristiano Iovino indicated by many as Ilary's alleged lover, the handsome macho who would lose his head Photo | video

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, not only luxury bags and shoes have disappeared from the wardrobe ... - guard

HE TALKED ABOUT SMS - Francesco Totti never mentioned him in his interview with Corriere della Sera ('Don't let me tell you his name. He's a totally different person from me, who belongs to a world very far from mine, and fortunately'), but question of the sms discovered on Blasi's cell phone, messages of which he also revealed the content (they said something like: 'Let's meet at the hotel; no, it's more prudent with me'), was probably referring to him. But Iovino, the Roman personal trainer who has been in the newspapers for two months, is no longer there, he no longer wants to shut up.

Francesco Totti: “Ilary Blasi? I didn't cheat first: I found the messages on his phone

FRIEND OF FRIENDS - This is why he decided to deny the allegations of a flirtation between him and Blasi by declaring to Il Messaggero: 'Regarding the articles released in recent days by the press, Mr. Cristiano Iovino invites all information operators not to give no credit to those who point to him, through false and instrumental reconstructions, as the protagonist of events from which he is completely extraneous ». He also specifies that he 'knows Mrs. Blasi merely as a friend of mutual acquaintances, including his agent Graziella Lopedota'. As if to say: no more falsehood.