Ilary Blasi, boyfriend Bastian Muller has time only for her. And they don't see him anymore in the company

Hand in hand in Lugano for the birthday of daughter Chanel (who brought her boyfriend Cristian into the family). Along with the jousts throwing punches. Stick together in Marrakech to celebrate her 42nd birthday. Go wild together in the disco as guests of Luxuria. In short, they are inseparable

 blasi-bastian-luxury Bastian Muller with Vladimir Luxuria and Ilary Blasi at the Qube disco party Photo Video

Ilary Blasi, divorce or not, holds court on the web and in the newspapers. Here he is having fun in Rome with his daughter Chanel in an outing for four, or in pairs with mutual boyfriends, like two teenage friends who go to have fun on the rides. Ordinary smile, glossy newspaper look, punch-ball and go-kart competitions, and at his side, the ever-present Bastian who now looks into the camera and is no longer afraid of flashes. – photo | video

Ilary Blasi, unleashed with Bastian at the Maneskin concert Ilary Blasi, unleashed with Bastian at the Maneskin concert

Ilary Blasi and Bastian Muller, super romantic dinner in Marrakech. And with that dress… – guard

QUARTET IN LOVE – We had already seen the quartet in love in Lugano where Chanel celebrated her 16th birthday on May 13 with a disco party and a long weekend in a luxury hotel between Villa Principe Leopoldo and the Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola. On that occasion Chanel, at the hands of her Cristian Babalus and Ilary at Bastian Muller, allowed themselves long walks on the lakefront and beauty treatments in the hotel spa.

Ilary Blasi and the super villa, Francesco Totti remains the mortgage: 20 thousand euros per month - guard

WHO WORKS IN THE MULLER COMPANY - Ilary, increasingly smiling and satisfied on the side of love, is now inseparable from Bastian. The photos of the days spent together in Marrakech for her birthday look like the ad for chocolates with hazelnuts. He was also at her side at the evening to which she invited them Luxuria al Qube, the historic Roman disco of the Muccassassina evenings which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Mario Mieli homosexual culture club. The question that now arises spontaneously is this: when does Bastian work? And what job does he do? How did his father, an entrepreneur in Germany, take this new sentimental commitment that keeps his son away from the family business? Since April, Bastian has been a regular guest in the mega villa in Eur that Ilary obtained after the separation. What do you do smart working from home? Maybe.

Meanwhile Francesco Totti is having fun with Noemi Bocchi – guard