Ilary Blasi kisses Bastian! Here's who is the entrepreneur who had Francesco Totti archive them

If the former footballer is no longer hiding with Noemi Bocchi, the former Letterina has always remained under wraps in recent months. Until now. When she is pinched at Zurich airport in unequivocal attitudes

 ilary-blasi-kisses-bastian-1920 Ilary Blasi and Bastian, romantic weekend in Zurich Photo Video

Ilary Blasi turns the page. If Francesco Totti is no longer hiding with his girlfriend Noemi Bocchi ( guard ), his ex-wife has always remained under wraps. Until today, at least. When she is caught at the Zurich airport, she is flirting with a mysterious man. Almost - Photo | video

Ilary Blasi kisses Bastian! The romantic weekend in Zurich… Ilary Blasi kisses Bastian! Romantic weekend in Zurich…

Francesco Totti with Noemi Bocchi, general rehearsal for Christmas together - guard

THE KISS – Ilary Blasi even kisses him. And then she allows herself what appears to be a selfie with him. Which is then published and disseminated by Chi. Which also reports other details on what appears to be the man who makes Ilary Blasi forget her ex-husband Francesco Totti. His name is Bastian, he is a German entrepreneur, has a powerful physique, and lives in Frankfurt: he is 1.93 meters tall, has a private Instagram profile, only 1,075 followers... including Ilary Blasi, who appears in a T-shirt and shorts whites. The two know each other recently. But long enough to indulge in a romantic weekend in an exclusive hotel, the Dolder Grand, complete with a super-luxury spa. a long weekend, including Friday: they say they have never set foot outside the hotel… And greetings at the airport are more like goodbye than goodbye.

Meanwhile, his son Cristian comes out into the open with his girlfriend: she is the actress Melissa Monti – guard

ALL THE DETAILS – It was known that the paparazzi had long been on the trail that would lead to Ilary Blasi and his new love. And now, here are the pictures. Ilary and Bastian embrace for a long kiss (or, at least, so it seems…). He is wearing a black down jacket and Dior designer sneakers. On his wrist he seems to have a Patek Philippe Nautilus worth over 200 thousand euros (had he had a Rolez it would have been too ironic, given his previous history with Francesco Totti's watches…). Ilary Blasi, on the other hand, wears a beige teddy bear coat, Chanel boots and Hermés bag (it seems that this is one of those recovered from the hiding place chosen by Totti in Totti's mega villa in Eur). Plus, a selfie between the two. Arrived who knows how to Chi. And promptly posted.

Ilary Blasi and that previous flirtation… – guard

TOTTI ARCHIVED - In short, Ilary Blasi seems to have really filed Francesco Totti, judging by the images and the story told by Chi. Who adds that the former Letterina is very happy and has found serenity and a smile again, after the tensions that also followed the first face-to-face with her almost ex-husband before the judge. While the children who have already 'approved' of dad Francesco's new relationship (they were all together on Cristian's birthday - guard ), now they will also approve that of mother Ilary. Waiting for official confirmation or denial, of course.