Ilary Blasi no longer hides. Here is the first social photo with Bastian Muller

The TV presenter is spending a few days of vacation with the German entrepreneur in Paris. And the image that she posts on social networks seems to confirm her turning point in her sentimental life

 ilary-blasi-bastin-muller-first-photo Ilary Blasi has now forgotten Francesco Totti, who is now paired with Noemi Bocchi Photo Video

After much shouting, in the end it is Ilary Blasi who confirms that he has made a change in his love life. She does it with a story on Instagram in which for the first time a hand of Bastian Muller appears, the German entrepreneur with whom she is spending a few days of vacation in Paris: he caresses her ankle, shows his watch. And he gets tagged by the showgirl. - Photo | video 1 | video 2

Ilary Blasi in Bangkok: New Year's Eve with Bastian Ilary Blasi in Bangkok: New Year's Eve with Bastian

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THE PHOTO - In the image, she keeps her feet on the man's knees while they are in the car. In others, Ilary is shown lying on the bed and photographed from the back. Until a table set for a romantic dinner for two is shown.

Ilary Blasi in Thailand with Bastian Muller - guard

WATCH - The two have been paparazzi several times, but it is the first that Bastian makes his 'official' entrance with a tag in the very private social profile of the TV presenter. And there are those who see in the photo of the watch a mockery of the ex-husband, for the well-known issue of the Rolexes that the Captain wants back. Enough to have taken the matter to court.

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