Ilary Blasi 'provokes' by boat in Croatia. Francesco Totti? It is already water under the bridge

After Africa, Sabaudia, the Dolomites and the Marches, the new stage of the showgirl's endless holidays is central Dalmatia. She travels with her daughter Isabel and sister Silvia. And on social media she sends sensual messages to her ex ... and to the world


Ilary Blasi arrives in Split on Monday morning on a Vuelig low cost flight from Rome. And he prepares to spend the remnants of his holidays with his daughter Isabel and his sister Silvia. An escape from the heavy climate of the capital where all eyes are for her, Francesco Totti and for the new flirts, it is said, Noemi Bocchi and Cristiano Iovino. But she doesn't give up posting. Navigating between the Kornati park and some more reserved coves, he reflects and sends social messages to Totti and the world. Photo | video

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi clandestine on a yacht. Ilary Blasi takes away the faith and ... - guard

A DETAILED REPORT - Each selfie hides a message. Like the one in which he shows his left hand with no ring left a few days ago. Each shot tells of a woman who experiences her new situation as a rebirth and restart. On a social tour of the world from Tanzania to Zanzibar, from Sabaudia to Alto Adige, from Marche to Riccione.

Ilary Blasi, single holidays over: now she changes her life and haircut (so as not to look like Noemi Bocchi) - guard

ESCAPE FROM A SEMI-DESERT CAPITAL - However, that the air of Rome is heavy is evident. On July 12 he writes 'back to Rome', but in less than 3 days Ilary takes off. With Isabel. On social media, here it is in a new burst of photographs: a table full of sparkling glasses, a plate of cherry tomatoes, the stern of a boat with the flag of Croatia, Isabel smiling on the Sup table and with her cousins. And above all her silhouette with a spectacular white embroidered cover-up, mini-bag and a round of pearls with a pink heart. Now the social responses of the other protagonists are awaited.

Ilary Blasi, that's who Cristiano Iovino is: he looks like his new flame - guard