Ilary Blasi, that's who Cristiano Iovino is: he is his new flame, they say ...

Beautiful, tattooed, always on the bike (in the sense of the motorcycle), always on the go. With a past of famous achievements. It was he, and not Noemi Bocchi, who would bring down the most beautiful couple in the world

 cristiano_iovino_1920 Cristiano Iovino, personal trainer, pierre and globetrotter. His private photos Photo Video

The saga of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti is enriched with a new character, who risks putting (momentarily) in dim light Noemi Bocchi, considered so far the reason for the break between the player and the presenter. His name is Cristiano Iovino, he is 40 years old, he works as a personal trainer and influencer (if we admit that the influencer is a profession) and, when he is not on vacation (quite often, judging by his social networks), he divides himself between Rome and Milan. - Photo | video

Ilary Blasi in the countryside (and without faith), Francesco Totti father without stain (and without Noemi Bocchi): battle of ... image waiting for the legal one - guard

INDISCRETION - To introduce Iovino in the role of the third wheel we thought the Courier , rewinding the tape of the crisis and discovering - but we are at the level of indiscretion - that the (also presumed) love story between Totti and Noemi would not be a header, but a revenge. Just one year ago, in August 2021, according to the Corriere della Sera Francesco would have discovered that between Ilary and Cristiano there was an ongoing flirt . The newspaper speaks of traces of 'eloquent messages' on Blasi's cell phone and of the world that collapses on the Captain, whose mind immediately flew to all those days that her wife, due to the Island of the Famous and for the meteoric Star in the star , she spent in Milan alone (two weeks a month). Only then would Totti decide to look around (and find Noemi Bocchi).

Ilary Blasi, single holidays over: now she changes her life and haircut (so as not to look like Noemi Bocchi) - guard

IDENTIKIT - Muscular, tattooed beyond belief and owner of pecs that are provincial, curly hair and eyes cool , an ostentatious passion for motorcycles, Cristiano depopulated on social media and in the environments of chic gyms in Milan and Rome. Following his movements on Instagram is a feat that would exhaust a travel agency. The latest sightings give it to Lembongan, an islet south of Bali. But in recent months he has also been on Lake Como (“A classic”), Ibiza and Mykonos. Curiosity: among his famous followers, in addition to Matilde Gioli, Dayane Mello and Martina Margaret Maggiore (Cesare Cremonini's on / off girlfriend), there is also Alex Nuccetelli, Totti's historical friend (and the 'cupid' who introduced Ilary to Francesco). Cristiano has already been lapped by the gossip , in the past, even if of small coasts: flirtations with Sabrina Ghio, Giulia De Lellis and Zoe Cristofori have been attributed to him. With Blasi, the flirtation, assuming there was, would be over.

Noemi Bocchi pregnant by Francesco Totti. Here's how things stand - guard

MEANWHILE ILARY ... - Meanwhile, Ilary Blasi's single holidays are also over. Closed the parenthesis of the Marche (she was in Frontone, with her sister Melory and her family), the presenter made a trip to Riccione and returned to Rome. First stop: the Femme beauty salon, to get your nails done. Or to sharpen them?