Ilary Blasi, the separation from Francesco Totti could have been avoided in this way (he says)

New confidences from the former football player arrive. Which leaks through his most trusted friend. Some believe him, others think it's just a strategy for divorce. Which promises to be long and tiring ...

 ilary-blasi-francesco-totti-noemi-bocchi-1920 Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi and Noemi Bocchi: it's their long hot summer ... Photo Video

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, the marriage could have been saved. Perhaps. At least if you give credit to the latest statements of the former Roma captain that sound like the swan song of a husband in love. Or maybe it's just a strategy ahead of the divorce that promises to be full of surprises and low blows - Photo | video

Ilary Blasi, the long single holidays of the former Mrs. Totti - guard

'I DID NOT MISS ANYTHING' - The former Giallorossi, in fact, is leaking through his friend and confidant Alex Nuccetelli statements that draw him as the victim of the situation: 'You know, for me, woe to those who touch Ilary, because she is always my wife, ok, ex-wife, the mother of my children… ”, reports the Roman PR and friend of Totti. 'You will understand, after twenty years. Oh, we've spent nearly a quarter of a century together. I did not miss anything, in all respects, because I was really crazy in love. If he had done something more, I would never have moved away, this is obvious ”.

Ilary Blasi runs to recover his daughter and Francesco Totti runs away from Noemi Bocchi. Waiting for the first meeting with the lawyers - guard

SHARPEN THE WEAPONS - There is a saying that says Excuse not claimed, a clear accusation that is to say Sorry not requested, clear accusation . Perhaps it is a bit too much, but Totti is certainly the first to speak after the joint announcements of separation. The one that was paparazzi with Noemi Bocchi in August, the same one that brought the daughter of the ex couple to play with the woman's children. By violating, the informed assets say a pact with his wife. And also the first who reveals the name of the lawyer who will accompany him in what is announced a battle: the queen of matrimonialists, Annamaria Bernardini de Pace. While Ilary Blasi for the moment continues to be silent. And he takes care of his daughter Isabel's first day of school.

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi clandestine on a yacht. Ilary Blasi takes away the faith and ... - guard