Irene Pivetti, the confession: 'I live on the thousand euros a month that the cooperative gives me'

The former president of the Chamber of Deputies talks about his new life in Monza. After his controversial legal affairs. “But I can't complain…”

 irene-pivetti-ristrante-thousand-euro-month-1920 Irene Pivetti, 59, in the social canteen where she works today through a cooperative Photo Video

Irene Pivetti, after years of politics and TV, now lives on a thousand euros a month and works in a social restaurant. The former president of the Chamber herself confesses it on TV, but without giving up: 'I can't complain, the life I lead is very rewarding' – Photo | video

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A LONG CAREER - Elder sister of actress Veronica Pivetti, in 1994, at the age of just 31, she became the third state official, elected from the ranks of the Northern League in the first Parliament of the Second Republic, the one that saw Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for the first time. She remained in politics until 2001, also passing through the Udeur. She then embarked on a career as a TV presenter and subsequently became an entrepreneur, until the legal case that involved her, with the seizure of over 4 million euros, and on which she says: 'I hope the truth comes out about this story' .

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THE NEW LIFE - Now that she is 59 years old, Irene speaks to Afternoon Five and Barbara D'Urso tells of her latest life change, admitting that she earns a thousand euros a month, employed in a social restaurant: 'I work in the San Fruttuoso district of Monza. There is a nice family atmosphere. I'm not complaining, that's not the problem, there are people who don't even have those. The life I'm leading is very rewarding. There was a lack of sociability and bringing back a non-competitive space that guarantees feeling good together with other people I find it very good '. And she adds: “This cooperative is made up of fragile individuals who are excluded from the world of work and today very little is needed. In my case the stories are different, but it's nice to build something beautiful together with these people. I am content and happy with what I do”.

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