Island of the famous: between fainting and withdrawals, promoted and rejected in the fifth episode

Corinne Clery does not stand the test (but holds the program). Cristina Scuccia does not stand out even for the bikini. Fiore Argento bullied, Alvin blurts out with Ilary Blasi. Here are our votes

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A faint, a retreat, an unexpected bikini (you know what's new, you might say, but it's a novelty) and a sacrosanct rebellion. In the fifth episode of the Island of the famous, everything and more happens. Here are the report cards of the fifth episode, which won the Auditel challenge against Living is not a child's game, the series with Claudio Bisio (18.3 share against 16.7). – photo | video

Ilary Blasi dancer version with daughters Chanel and Isabel Ilary Blasi dancer version with daughters Chanel and Isabel

Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini leave the Isola dei Famosi. It is controversy – guard

CORINNE CLERY: Santa immediately, or at least soon. In a group that thinks only of strategies, it is an injection of humanity: it consoles everyone, welcomes many, takes care of those in need. Instead, the authors and Ilary Blasi lack humanity, who make her believe she has to face the mother of all her fears (the snakes), Corinne first protests, then, when the others insist, she 'faints'. She has a maternal sense and a sense of humor (even in the rarest version, that is, when the irony is directed at herself). Her first is multiplied by a breakup: with her son Alex, with whom she hasn't spoken for six years. “When he was born, I was 18 years old. His father didn't have great feelings for him and so I chose to take him away with me. That bundle and I have traveled the world. Today we don't see each other, we don't hear from each other, it's the greatest pain of my life. Maybe that's why I give so much love to others, I miss giving it to him. I'm here so my grandkids can see me and be proud of their grandma. If Alex was looking at me, I would like to tell him that he is always in my heart.' Immense: vote 9 .

Isola dei Famosi: between ailments and a marriage proposal, promoted and rejected in the fourth episode - guard

HELENA ABOUT: He's insufferable, so he has a good chance of winning. Typical case, and very common in reality shows, of a perpetrator who pretends to be a victim. He plots against everyone, throws tantrums and then complains that he can't find a shoulder to cry on (or to talk to). To Alvin who offers her an examination of conscience (“And don't you think it could be because of some attitude of yours”), she widens her eyes, protesting innocence. The strategy is clear and copied from her friend Nikita Pelizon, with whom she made Peking Express. It worked with Nikita (she won the Gf Vip). And with Helena? We'll see, in the meantime vote 3.

SILVER FLOWER: Against her there is a fury that is anything but therapeutic. The little toe injury (of her foot) put her out of the game, she would like to retire, but they won't let her. She even got involved with her sister Asia, via telephone: “I won't allow you to give up, it would be cowardly. You don't give up on a dream like this!'. And it's okay that the dream is more like a nightmare in which she can only move by crawling. Even Blasi discovers her ruthless streak, throwing in a racket: 'You have to stay to thank the public who wanted you there, hear how they clap for you!'. Fortunately Flower imposes itself. And withdraw. Rating 6 (to her, to her persecutors 3).

CRISTINA SCUCCIA AND ALVIN: The first was supposed to be the spearhead of this edition (with consequent engagement, one assumes). The second is a kind of punching bag for the study (Blasi has put it in her sights, and Papi supports her). Now roles have been exchanged: the ex Sister Cristina is disappeared . Nobody looks for her anymore, she tries to get away with a joke that the more she pronounces it, and she pronounces it often, the more stale it becomes ('I don't know the Spirit of the Island, but only the Holy Spirit') and it doesn't make news even when, for the first time, she puts on a bikini. The coming out he doesn't arrive (he should confess that he has a girlfriend), so she stays out . Alvin, on the other hand, has had more rebellions that suggest that, however compressed, he too has a personality. Vote: 5 Cristina, 7 Ad Alvin