It was King Charles who forbade Meghan Markle to go to dying Elizabeth. The background of Harry’s solo arrival in England

The Sussexes, without first consulting their family, were preparing to go to Balmoral. But the new ruler has imposed his diktat: only family members close to the bedside of the dying queen

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It was the king himself who asked (or ordered?) Prince Harry not to take his wife Meghan Markle to Balmoral. In the hectic hours of Thursday, while the queen was dying, another, more private, drama was taking place. Which, unsurprisingly, involved the dukes of Sussex. - Photo | video

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THE NO OF THE KING - Without consulting the family, Harry and Meghan had decided to go to Balmoral to see the queen and give her the last farewell. They had announced it to the handful of journalists they trust and they had written it on Twitter. The Windsors found out that way. At that point Carlo called his son and, according to the Sun , very explicitly told him that it would not be appropriate for Meghan to come to Balmoral, where only the close family of the sovereign gathered. She pointed out to Harry that Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales, had stayed home in Windsor. Not only because it was the first day of school for her three children, but also because the moment of farewell to the sovereign was extremely private, a family affair. True, there was also Sophie, Countess of Wessex, wife of Prince Edward, but she was the Queen's closest confidant, a second daughter of hers, and it was probably Elizabeth herself who had asked for her. At that point Harry, furious, let the same reporters know that Meghan would stay in Windsor.

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EXCLUDED FROM THE RAF PLANE - Prince William and princes Andrew and Edward, with his wife, were flown to Scotland by a private RAF jet, from which Harry was excluded. This is why he arrived at his grandmother so late, when the announcement of his death had already been given. And he too was the first to leave, the next morning, always alone, after just 12 hours spent with his family. Harry had to kiss the hands of the new king, bow to the new queen, Camilla, with whom he has no good relations. All without the support of Meghan. His marked face and shining eyes drive back to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor made a great impression on newspapers and subjects. Without his grandmother to protect him, Harry has never looked so alone, so isolated. Although the brother is a few hundred meters away, at Adelaide Cottage, so far there had been no contact between the two, least of all between Kate and Meghan. For now Harry has decided to stay in Britain, it seems until after his funeral on September 19th.

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MEGHAN CANCELS THE COMMITMENTS - It is unclear if Meghan will stay with her husband or return to her children in Los Angeles. However, she is known to have canceled her TV appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, which was supposed to be September 20. She should have been in New York on the same day for the UN general assembly, but this commitment was also eliminated from the agency. The Duchess will also delay the publication of the new installment of her Archetype podcast. If he were to attend her funeral all eyes would be on her and any interactions with other royals. For this, you may be asked to give up. Although she would mean, for the royal family, to prepare for the broadsides and criticisms that will follow. Deborah Ameri