Italian jets intercept Russian fighters over the skies between Sweden and Poland. Fifty Graves Discovered at Lyman

The Italian Air Force intercepts four Russian fighters. The 007 Americans: Ukraine behind the attack on Daria Dugina. In Zaporizhzhia ready to reactivate a reactor. The 'no war' journalist Marina Ovsyannikova is on the run

  ukraine-devastazione-war-gas-1920 Kiev continues to recapture territories. And more and more reservists are fleeing Russia Photo Video

Italian Air Force jets intercept four Russian fighters in the airspace between Sweden and Poland. The EU is preparing to train Kiev's army. According to American 007, the Ukrainian government is behind the attack on Daria Dugina. Discovered at Lyman 50 graves in a mass burial. Journalist Marina Ovsyannikova is on the run. The IAEA: 'In Zaporizhzhia ready to reactivate a reactor'. Mostly Spiegel breaches in Nord Stream caused by a state. Moscow thunders: 'No oil to those who impose the price cap'. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5 | video 6

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MASS BURIAL - New horrors emerge from the war. Fifty civilian graves were discovered after the liberation of Lyman in Donetsk. Some have only numbers and not all of the bodies have been identified. They say on Kiev TV Hromadske : “The Russians dug trenches and forced people they suspected of collaborating with the Ukrainian army to collect the bodies of the dead to bury them again.” The Ukrainian reconquest continues apace. In a social video Volodymyr Zelensky announces: 'Novovoskresenske, Novogrygorivka and Petropavlivka in the Kherson region have been liberated in the last 24 hours'. According to the European agency Frontex the flight of Russian reservists called by Vladimir Putin slows down but does not stop: “53,000 Russian citizens entered the EU in the last week, down 20% compared to the previous week. Most Russian citizens are entering the EU through Finland's border crossings. Arrivals should decrease” due to the new visa policy. Since the beginning of the conflict, 1.356 million Russians have entered the EU and over 1.314 million have left. But in Moscow the bad moods are felt. The chairman of the Duma Defense Commission, Andrey Kartapolov, taken from Moscow Times , blurts out: “We need to stop lying about the situation at the front. Now the enemy is on our land. All border villages of the Belgorod region are practically destroyed. We hear it from everyone, governors and military correspondents. But the Defense Ministry reports do not change. People know. Our people are not stupid and they see that they do not want to tell even part of the truth: this can lead to a loss of credibility'. Meanwhile, the Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who became famous for having shown a sign on TV with the words 'no war', has gone into hiding. Escaped from the house arrest where she had been sent by the Moscow judges, she released a video on Telegram: 'I consider myself completely innocent and since our state refuses to respect its own laws, starting from 30 September I refuse to observe the preventive measure in the form of house arrest and to release myself”.

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THE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT - Putin issued a decree adding the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to Russia's property. Obviously, the foreign ministry in Kiev declared the decree 'invalid', inviting the EU and the G7 to new sanctions. But, according to the IAEA, the Ukrainian staff of the plant is ready to restart one of the six reactors, number 5, solely to produce heat and steam to feed the plant.

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MYSTERIES OF WAR - Yesterday evening Italian jets intercepted four Russian fighters over the skies between Poland and Sweden. On Twitter, the Air Force writes: 'New immediate take-off for the Italian Eurofighters engaged in Air Policing activities in Poland to intercept 4 Russian fighters that had affected Polish and Swedish airspace before being forced to return to Kaliningrad airspace ”. US intelligence reveals al New York Times that the Ukrainian government is behind the attack in which Daria Dugina, daughter of Putin's ideologue, died. While the United States, the sources specify to the newspaper, 'did not take part in the attack, neither providing information nor other forms of assistance'. And on the latest yellow of war, the Nord Stream leaks in the Baltic, writes the German Spiegel , citing a document from the Federal Anticrime Department, BKA, arguing that it was a 'targeted sabotage' by 'state actors'.

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EU READY TO TRAIN UKRAINIANS - Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, is satisfied with the agreement reached on the eighth sanctions package against Russia. And you reiterate on social media that the EU will “never accept the farce referendums of Vladimir Putin, nor any type of annexation. We are determined to keep the Kremlin paying.' The high representative for EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell, instead writes on his blog: “At the next Foreign Affairs Council on 17 October, I hope we will be able to formally launch our training mission for the Ukrainian armed forces. At the same time, we remain ready to pursue a diplomatic solution, should circumstances significantly allow it again.'

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DEPRESSED RUSSIANS - Finally, Vladimir Putin returned to commenting on the results of the referendums which 'will not be questioned' because the consultations 'were perfectly transparent, convincing and objective'. Speaking to Tass , the Kremlin leader also says he is certain that “the situation in Donbass will be stabilized. Russia will be able to develop these territories quietly”. Moscow then announced that it will stop supplying oil to countries that are imposing price caps. The decision was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak, in response to the EU sanctions package. But the agency Tass he also spreads curious news: citing data from the research company in the pharmaceutical market Dsm , reveals that in Russia the sale of antidepressants, which has already increased since the beginning of the conflict, has grown by 120% since the 'partial mobilization' was announced on 21 September last.

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