J.K. Rowling reveals: 'My abusive ex-husband was holding the first Harry Potter manuscript hostage'

The boy wizard's 'mother' recounts in detail the abuses suffered by Jorge Arantes, whom she had met in Portugal in 1990. The man did not want her to leave him and blackmailed her by threatening to destroy the precious pages

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An abusive husband, who controlled her at every step and who had come to hide the manuscript of the first Harry Potter book and hold him hostage to prevent his wife from leaving him. J.K. Rowling, 'mother' of the boy wizard, with a history of abuse and violence at the hands of her first husband, the Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes, married in 1992. – photo | video

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BLACKMAIL - The writer recounts her first marriage in detail for the first time. She does it in a new Spotify podcast, The witch trials of J.K. Rowling , by American activist Megan Phelps-Roper. “He had become paranoid, he checked my purse every time I came back, he wouldn't even let me keep the house keys. He suspected that I wanted to leave again ”, she tells the author that she had already left her husband twice, but then she always came back. Arantes knew how much he cared about the novel he was writing, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and hid it from him. 'I'm sure if I had left it with me he would have destroyed it.' And so she took a few pages of her manuscript every day, so as not to make her husband suspicious, she took them to work and photocopied them. Slowly, slowly she managed to reproduce all the pages. “The book was my priority. In addition, of course, to my daughter Jessica, who however was still in my belly, the safest place ”, says Rowling referring to her eldest daughter who is now 29 years old.

J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, ends up in the storm and reveals: 'I was a victim of abuse and an abusive husband

NIGHT OF VIOLENCE - In 1993 there had been a more brutal quarrel than the previous ones, Rowling wanted to leave with her daughter but he refused to give it to her. He had dragged his wife down the street and beaten her savagely. The woman had turned to the police, she had reported him, and the following morning she had gone to collect the child together with the agents. Years later, in 2000, Arantes admitted 'only' to having slapped his wife, declaring that he was not at all sorry.

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THE PERSECUTION – Rowling had met Arantes in 1990, in a bar in Porto, Portugal, when she was 25 (and he was 23). The woman she had left Manchester after the death of her mother and after being sacked. She taught English at night and wrote during the day. After the divorce, she never felt confident again, she admitted. After the publication of Harry Potter, all the international press became interested in her, revealing details of her private life. Her ex had thus learned that she lived in Edinburgh, had found her house and had broken into it to threaten her. Rowling had been forced to leave lest she return. In 2001 she remarried physician Neil Murray with whom she has two children. She has sold 500 million copies of her books and is worth nearly a billion euros.

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THE CONTROVERSY – In the podcast, the writer also addresses a delicate issue that has been haunting her for some years now: the accusations of transphobia, starting from a tweet in which she remarked on the existence of sexual identity. Since then she has been singled out as Terf (trans-exclusive radical feminist) and is boycotted by a slice of the Lgbtq community. She defends herself from criticism by not denying what she thinks about sexual identity, but by stating that she has nothing against anyone who decides to change their sex.

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