Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, first outing as lovers after marriage

The Bennifers take a front row seat at Ralph Lauren shows. Both in black, surrounded by stars, hold hands and exchange complicit glances. And, surprisingly, another couple is also shining (which seemed to have broken out)

The Bennifers in love at the Ralph Lauren show. And there is also another couple (surprise) Photo Video

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck make their first official outing since their wedding two months ago in Georgia. In San Marino, Los Angeles County, California, where Ralph Lauren showed his 2023 spring-summer collection. Photo | video

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, pose and dismiss the voices of crisis Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, pose and dismiss the voices of crisis

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, no crisis! Here they are united (even in pain) at the funeral show of their billionaire friend. Among many other stars - guard

SFILATA IN LIBRARY - The US brand has chosen a cultural and bucolic complex as a backdrop, which includes the Huntington library, the Art Museum and the botanical gardens. The harmony that, in spite of the usual rumors of crisis, continues to reign among the Bennifers is evident from the look: both in black, with J.Lo who opts for a pinstripe with a generous neckline combined with Louboutin shoes and 'sombrero' always black. In addition to the harmony in the outfits, it is also palpable that which 'materializes' in complicit looks and adolescent tenderness (hands intertwined, furtive kisses).

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, love (in total white) parades in Malibu - guard

ALSO SLY AND THE OTHER JENNIFER - The front row , the front row, is crowded with stars: in addition to the Bennifers, there are Jessica Chastain with her Italian husband Gianluca Passi, Diane Keaton and, surprisingly, a couple who not even two months ago announced they were ready to divorce: Sylvester Stallone and long-time wife Jennifer Flavin. Instead, they seem united and smiling, as if nothing had happened.

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