Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, honeymoon in Italy between shopping, romantic dinners and pampering

The Bennifers spotted in Laglio, in the villa of their friend George Clooney, and in Milan where they walked hand in hand through the center, escorted by bodyguards. But always well disposed for a shot with paparazzi and fans.

 jennifer-lopez-ben-affleck-honey-moon-italy Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Italian honeymoon… Look at the photos Photo Video

Second all-Italian honeymoon for the couple of the year, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. If after the first 'secret' wedding in Las Vegas they had chosen Paris, after the three days of celebrations in Georgia, the couple flew with a private jet to our country heading to Como, to visit their friend George Clooney, and to Milan, where it still is. Photo | marriage photo | video

MENEGHINO SHOPPING - The newlyweds stroll through the streets of Milan, accompanied by two very discreet bodyguards. She is gorgeous in white, crop top, jeans and fedora hat, he more casual with stained jeans and blue shirt. Always hand in hand, they kiss in front of a jewelry boutique, while he hugs her tenderly. In via Monte Napoleone, they enter Brunello Cucinelli's shop and some fans await them hopefully with their mobile phones ready in front of the boutique. This time Ben is not upset by the presence of photographers, as he had in Paris. Indeed, he smiles, as does Jennifer, and lets himself be dazzled by the flashes.

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FROM FRIEND CLOONEY - The couple was spotted on Lake Como on 23 August. The paparazzi photographed them in one of the terraces of Villa Oleandra, George Clooney's residence in Laglio. The newlyweds spent the day with the actor and his wife Amal, then went on a motorboat to Tremezzo and dined in the luxurious Gran Hotel, used to hosting international stars. The photographers didn't give them up for a moment. She, always in white, he in shorts and polo shirts, sat on the terrace for hours. “They had no eyes for anyone else. They were kind, they even posed for a selfie asked by a fan, ”someone told People . At one point Affleck was seen gesturing animatedly, while his wife listened attentively. She then took out her cell phone to look at the wedding photos, between kisses.

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Queuing for ice cream - Always accompanied by the bodyguards, they wanted to visit the town of Menaggio, where they queued to get an ice cream, to the incredulity of those present. Here too they have not given up on shopping, visiting some local shops. One, Decio Immagine Casa, posted a photo of them on Instagram. Lopez, cone in hand, is also beautiful in a simple yellow dress and a pair of flip flops. If they had brought their respective children to Paris, they decided to come to Italy alone, as befits a real honeymoon.