Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, no crisis! Here they are united (even in pain) at the funeral-show of their billionaire friend. Among many other stars

Many say their marriage is (already) in the balance. All the fault of the too high claims of the singer, to which he would not be able to respond… In reality, they return to mkostrarsi neighbors. On a special occasion. Which also becomes a kind of big party

 j-lo and ben at billionaire's funeral 1920 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez united (also) in grief at the funeral of their billionaire friend... among many other stars Photo Video

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez close in pain. While rumors about the fact that they don't get along, that their marriage is already in the balance a few months after the 'yes' due to constant quarrels, the star and the pop star are back together at the funeral by billionaire friend JR Ridinger. Among so many stars – Photo | video

Jennifer Lopez, the big comeback… with husband Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez, the big comeback… with husband Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, love (in total white) parades in Malibu – guard

J.LO'S POST - The billionaire died in recent weeks while on vacation in Croatia, the cause would be a pulmonary embolism. His wife Loren, a great friend of J.Lo, gave the news on social networks: «I am not able to articulate deeper sentences and I am shocked. I'm torn. My heart was ripped out.' Lopez also wrote a moved post, accompanying the photo of the commemoration in Miami: «Strength, beauty and grace. My beautiful friend has lost the love of her life. We celebrated JR's life and despite the deep pain and endless tears we got to smile, remember and even dance again. He would have liked him.'

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, honeymoon in Italy between shopping, romantic dinners and pampering – guard

STILL CLOSE - Almost more of a party than a funeral. At the event in Miami there were many stars, from Alicia Keys to Jamie Foxx. To the CEO of Market America, who died at the age of 63, many also paid tribute, including Kim Kardashian. Above all, J.Lo and Affleck stood out, in the last few days the protagonists of gossip. They were obviously moved. And they were close. Maybe theirs will be a quarrelsome love. But it still feels like love.