Jeremy Renner returns home: it will take two years to recover from the tragic accident

After more than two weeks in the hospital, the Marvel actor finally announces some good news. It will be a long and complicated journey, but the healing has begun

 jeremy-renner-photo-ospedale-1920 Jeremy Renner in hospital after snowplow accident Photo Video

Jeremy Renner comes home. After the tragic accident of the past few weeks, the Marvel actor gives some updates on his condition: 'Beyond the brain fog that I recover, I was very excited to watch the first episode of the second season of Mayor of Kingstown (of which she is the protagonist, ed) with my family at home”, she writes on her social page. The healing, which will be long and not easy, has finally begun. – Photo | video

Jeremy Renner on the snow plow before the accident Jeremy Renner on the snow plow before the accident

Jeremy Renner, birthday in the hospital with the oxygen mask - guard

THE MESSAGE THAT GIVES HOPE – After more than two weeks in intensive care, the actor sends a message that naturally thrilled his fans, who rushed to wish the Marvel icon a speedy recovery. It will take at least two years for Renner to recover from the accident with the snow blower. Only a few days ago sources close to the actor had even spoken of the risk of amputation of a leg.

Jeremy Renner, the images before the accident - guard

THE ACCIDENT - 'Jeremy is aware that he almost died that day', tells the source, reconstructing the dynamics of the accident. Renner was helping a person whose car was stranded by the blizzard when his Kässbohrer Pisten snow blower began to move slowly by itself and ran over him, crushing his leg, as the actor struggled to get back behind the wheel. Then, in the hospital, he underwent two operations. His conditions improve, as evidenced by the shots he posted on social media. It will take two years before the Hawkeye actor can fully recover.

Jeremy Renner shows himself from the hospital: 'I'm too sick, but thanks to everyone' - guard

MARVEL BUT NOT ONLY – Renner, known as Hawkeye in the Avengers saga, was nominated twice for an Oscar for his roles in The hurt locker and The Town . Disney+ has also dedicated a series to his character Hawkeye and his new series will start on January 15th on Paramount+ Mayor of Kingstown . The actor has a 9-year-old daughter, Ava, with ex-wife Sonni Pacheco.