Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, divorce of the year becomes a movie

Maybe it couldn't have ended otherwise. The film is ready and will be released in streaming on September 30th. Even if Italy will have to wait a little longer

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: The World's Most Watched Divorce Has Already Become a Movie. It's called 'Hot Take: The Depp / Heard Trail', already packaged and ready for release later this month. And perhaps a different conclusion could not be expected for the most followed trial ever, which saw the actress sentenced to compensate her ex-husband with 8 million dollars for defaming him in an article in the Washington Post. - Photo | video

Amber Heard and the verdict in favor of Johnny Depp: 'That's why it's unfair' - guard

AFTER THE PROCESS - In the process, details from the War of the Roses had emerged, with Amber denied about the signs of the beatings, with outbursts of anger from both and a severed finger from him. Every day a twist followed on live television much more than any other topic: videos, photos, shocking testimonies. But everything did not stop even after the sentence: Amber, who did not have the money to compensate Johnny, was forced to sell her villa in the Mojave desert, California, for just over a million dollars. And she is now bankrupt. She tried in vain to have the judges' decision annulled and now she has filed an appeal, an appeal also filed by the ex for the minor financial sentence that was imposed on him. For Amber, there was talk of a bombshell book that could make her raise the money for the cause. But in August, even a hardcore production company would have come forward to offer her a red light film rewarded by 9 million dollars, capable of covering the entire debt.

Amber Heard, request for annulment of trial against Johnny Depp rejected guard

THE FILM - It is not known if the latest developments will also be present in the film 'Hot Take: The Depp / Heard Trail'. Certainly the film, shot in record time, will be released on September 30 on the Fox streaming service, Tubi, not yet available in Italy. In the role of the protagonists were called Mark Hapka and Megan Davis. But great space will also be reserved for the lawyers who held the court in the hearings: Melissa Marty will play Johnny's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, and Mary Carrig that of Amber, Elaine Bredehoft. Written by Guy Nicolucci, it is directed by Sara Lohman. Tubi boss Adam Lewinson is pleased: “The production of the film was accelerated by Tubi and MarVista to capture a timely version of a story that has become part of the cultural zeitgeist, painting in a single picture what millions of people have. seen in the headlines over the summer ”.

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