Johnny Depp has yet another new love: it is lawyer Joelle Rich

In court against 'The Sun' they lost. But in life, the star and her lawyer would gain new love. According to American magazines, the chemistry between them would be 'skyrocketing'

 Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Defamation Trial Continues Johnny Depp has yet another new love: it's lawyer Joelle Rich. The photos Photo Video

Nalla cause control il tabloid Sun , Johnny Depp lost. But it seems that he has also gained something important. The love of lawyer Joelle Rich. It was she who assisted him in court. And from teaming up in the classroom, he would now move on to teaming up in life. Photo | video

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FROM ONE LAWYER TO THE OTHER - American magazines talk about the alleged relationship of the star with his lawyer, and also TMZ (usually informed). Last June, gossip about a relationship with the other lawyer, Camille Vasquez, spread. The lawyer, however, had denied it. On affair Jeolle, on the other hand, has so far not received any denial. On the contrary. Sources said to be close to the couple have spoken to Us Weekly of a 'skyrocketing chemistry' between the two.

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THE PREVIOUS WITH MEGHAN - The two have been dating for some time. But initially on the sly, also because Joelle was struggling with a divorce. Her name has already circulated in the tablois in the past: it was she who defended Meghan Markle in her case against the Mail on Sunday, which had published a private correspondence with her father Thomas.

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