Kasia Smutniak speaks out: 'At 43 I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore'

“Hide the passage of time is like denying yourself,” says the actress. “Today I feel I have come a long way: I don't see myself aged, but she is mature”. And looking back, she proudly looks back on her beginnings…

 kasia-smutniak-interview-october-2022 Kasia Smutniak, do you remember when she was like this? Photo Video

Time passes even for a beauty like Kasia Smutniak. Today the actress is 43 years old. But she doesn't seem to mind. “I don't see myself“ aged ”, but she is mature,” she said. “Now I see more positives than negatives. Especially if I look back.' Kasia's professional life began when she was very young, and today she looks at her proudly… – Photo | video

Kasia Smutniak flies with the Frecce Tricolori! Watch the video, it's creepy… Kasia Smutniak flies with the Frecce Tricolori! Watch the video, it's creepy...

Kasia Smutniak with her daughter Sophie Taricone, Benedetta Porcaroli and the others. The first red carpet of the Rome Film Fest is dark – guard

'I DON'T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING TO ANYONE - 'I left home at 15, at 16 I was already independent,' she told I Woman . The actress is the daughter of a Polish air force general: she took her pilot's license at the age of 16. Soon after she began her career as a model and then as an actress. “Today, at 43, I feel I've come a long way and I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I've spent most of my life needing to be smarter, stronger, better prepared. Thankfully, the company has moved on in the meantime. I can't think of starting over. Hiding the passing of time would be like denying yourself».

Kasia Smutniak is increasingly thin: look at her, she is (almost) unrecognizable… – guard

WITH SOPHIE - Protagonist together with Pierfrancesco Favino of The Hummingbird , a film directed by Francesca Archibugi, we have just seen her beautiful on the red carpet of the Rome Film Fest with her daughter Sophie, now 18 years old, born of love with Pietro Taricone. In memory of Pietro, who died in an accident while parachuting, Kasia founded the Pietro Taricone onlus, through which she built a school in Nepal.

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