Kate for a Day, so you can become like Kate Middleton

Be impeccable on every occasion, choose the right clothing, speak without embarrassing the interlocutor. The neo-princess of Wales, in these situations, is a master of style. And a course teaches the tricks to become like her

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And commoner , by marrying William, she became Duchess of Cambridge. Now, after the accession to the throne of Charles III, she has received the title of Princess of Wales. And one day she will be queen. Kate Middleton has conquered all of her for her elegance and for her ability to feel at ease in any context. But is it only her prerogative to be flawless? No, because she really can learn to act like a royal. Even Kate, over the years, has taken courses in bearing, etiquette and protocol. Elisa Motterle, the only Italian Etiquette trainer certified by the International Protocol and Etiquette Academy in London, explains it to us, who, together with Paola Saia, photographer, posing coach and make-up artist, teaches the secrets of a princess' bon ton. The next appointment is on Saturday 8 October at the Principe di Savoia hotel in Milan, in the «Kate for a day» workshop, over afternoon tea, between a lesson in poise and an official portrait. – Photo | video

Kate Middleton shines in yellow for first outing as a princess Kate Middleton shines in yellow for first outing as a princess

Kate Middleton, goodbye mourning look: for the first engagement as a princess she shines in yellow - guard

EVER MORE VISIBLE - What has changed for Kate after the death of Queen Elizabeth II? «With the titles of dukes of Cornwall and princes of Wales, three things change for William and Kate», explains Elisa Motterle. «The ranking in the royal family, which sees them immediately after the sovereign. Their income, because the revenues of the dukedom of Cornwall are the largest part of the private income of the royal family after the dukedom of Lancaster (which belongs to the sovereign). And finally the new roles: Elizabeth II was the head of over 600 organizations and bodies. Now these patronage will be redistributed among the various working members of the Royal Family, and of course William and Kate will take the lion's share. We can therefore expect that the couple will have much more visibility ». That's why Kate will be under even more scrutiny. This is why we asked Elisa Motterle for a preview of the course (on Instagram, @elisa_motterle ) and Paola Saia ( @paola_saia ).

THE POSTURE - For an elegant but not 'relaxed' style, it is important to keep your shoulders away from your ears, your back straight. When you sit down, you don't lean back and your arms are in your lap, never on the armrests. It is forbidden to cross your legs: it is better to keep them close together, slightly inclined, with your ankles together.

THE CLOTHING - Over the years, Kate has learned to stay at court and put away too-short dresses in the closet. The rules indicate: shoulders covered, length of the skirt or dress at least to the knee, shoes always with closed toes. Her toes don't show. And sheer tights are always worn with decolletées. Even in summer, when flesh-colored will be preferred.

Kate Middleton and William of England, first outing (and first smiles) after the queen's funeral - guard

LO «SMALL TALK» - What do you talk about with strangers, perhaps on a formal occasion? Kate Middleton, and all the royals, are champions in the «small talk». Simply put, in “light” conversations. They are those in which we talk about simple and non-divisive topics: yes to neutral and generic speeches, those on politics, money, religion are strictly forbidden.

MAKE-UP AND PHOTOS - The make-up must be light and not marked. The secret is the use of matte powder: the skin will not appear shiny in front of the flashes of the photographers. If you have to pose for an official portrait (as in the workshop, where accessories such as headbands, fascinator hats, necklaces and bracelets are made available), you don't need to stiffen.

REVERENCE - Kate is also impeccable in curtsy. Who knows how many hours she trained: now her gesture is fluid and light, never awkward. She brings her right leg behind her left. She shifts her weight onto her left foot as she bends her knees keeping her back straight. Sounds easy, but she's not.

Kate Middleton and William of England, the first trip as princes of Wales ... could only be in Wales - guard

FIVE O'clock TEA - Unmissable appointment british , afternoon tea has an ancient origin and includes champagne and tea accompanied by finger food savory and sweet. They range from sandwiches – with cream cheese and salmon or cucumber – to garlic scones with clotted cream , eat macarons , to the pastries. Among the  rules that can be learned to be impeccable, here is a fundamental one. In the cup with tea, the teaspoon moves back and forth, does not turn.

THE SMART COUNCIL - We ask Elisa Motterle, author of Bon Ton Pop , a secret to feeling a little more like Kate right away, even before training ourselves to speak confidently on social occasions and to pose without embarrassment in photos. “Be kind. Kindness has been put on the back burner lately. And instead a polite and courteous gesture with those we face in the various daily situations already makes us more elegant».

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