Kate Middleton and her children fly to the Queen in economy. The 'low cost' life of the Dukes of Cambridge

A passenger shot a short video (which went viral on TikTok) as they get off the plane. An example of composure and thrift. The mantra is 'don't flaunt'. Not just in travel

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With a few notable exceptions (see Prince Andrew and, rarely, Prince Charles), the British royal family is an example of thrift. Especially since Elizabeth II is queen. She has never liked her gorgeous and screamed luxuries and she is notoriously stingy enough. She accustomed her family to travel cheaply and she herself took the train regularly as long as she had no mobility problems. Yet passengers on an airliner from London to Scotland were amazed when they saw Kate Middleton with her two children Charlotte and Louis board the economy class. A passenger made a short video of the boarding going viral on TikTok. - Photo | video

Lady Louise Windsor, the Queen's granddaughter works for 8 euros an hour before the exclusive university. The same as William of England and Kate Middleton - guard

ON HOLIDAY WITH THE GREAT GRANDMA - Kate was accompanied by the babysitter Maria Teresa Borrallo and two men from the escort. With her the second child Charlotte and the third child Louis, very polite and composed throughout the flight that took them to Scotland, to Balmoral, where they will spend the last days of vacation with the queen before starting their new school, near Windsor. William left first, accompanied by his eldest son George.
It is not the first time that the Dukes of Cambridge fly into economy and they have never had any problems. As passenger @ turbom1k3y wrote on TikTok, no one bothered them or took pictures. Kate got up from her seat to look for an iPad to give to her daughter and turned several times to talk to Louis, who was sitting behind her with her babysitter.
The Duchess wore a long green linen skirt accompanied by a khaki jacket, while Charlotte had a floral dress and Louis the usual blue shorts with a light blue shirt. Both children carried their own backpack.

George, Charlotte and Louis of England lose the nanny of their hearts. The fault of mom and dad - guard

VITA LOW COST - Don't flaunt is the Windsor mantra, with some exceptions, as we said. But even Prince Charles wears 30-year-old, patched coats, while Princess Anne has been recycling her clothes for decades. And so the queen herself. Kate has become a master of mixing luxury items, when the occasions require it, with low-cost looks accessible to all. The day after her wedding with William, leaving for her honeymoon, she wore a blue dress by Zara, while in 2013, pregnant with George, she chose a polka dot dress from TopShop, the favorite store of young Londoners. Other times we have seen her with garments from Gap, Asos, Jigsaw and very often Zara, her favorite low-priced chain. This is why we talk about the Kate-effect. everything she wears, precisely because it is often affordable, must be sold out instantly. And she gains in image, as an easy-to-emulate princess next door.

Elizabeth of England and Kate Middleton, find the differences if you can ... - guard

ALSO FOR CHILDREN - The recycling of clothes and accessories is also adopted for the Cambridge children. Several times we have seen George's sweaters and jumpsuits then worn by Charlotte and also by Louis, as in an ordinary family. The most sensational case is that of a pair of shorts and an embroidered shirt, seen on Prince Harry in 1986 during the Trooping the Color parade, then recycled by Louis, for the same event, 33 years later, in 2019.

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