Kate Middleton and William of England, the first trip as princes of Wales… it could only be in Wales

After the period of mourning for the death of the queen, the two visited their new domain. Where they lived as newlyweds. And where they plan to return often (also for promotional reasons). The reception of the subjects? Triumphal

 william-england-kate-middleton-walesok William of England and Kate Middleton, the first exit after mourning is in Wales Photo Video

After the period of mourning, William of England and Kate Middleton took their agenda back in hand and as a first commitment they chose to go to their new 'domain', Wales (Carlo named them, or rather 'created' them, as he said he, Prince and Princess of Wales). A magical place for them: that's where they lived as newlyweds – Photo | video

Kate and William, the first voyage as princes of Wales Kate and William, the first voyage as princes of Wales

Kate Middleton and William of England, return to Wales where they lived as newlyweds – guard

CRIMSON COAT - For the occasion, Kate wears a crimson coat with gold buttons (designer LK Bennett), and William a navy blue suit. The new princes of Wales, who are also the new dukes of Cornwall, chose Holyhead, in the north of the country, as their first stop. Here, Kate received a floral tribute from little Theo Crompton, 4, who broke away from the crowd and gave her a bouquet of pink roses, much to the delight of his mother, Rebecca Crompton, who told the press: 'We were going at school, but then I thought I would never have the chance to meet them again…”.

William of England is the new Duke of Cornwall: he will earn 23 million pounds a year - guard

THEIR FIRST NEST - Second stop, Swansea, at the other end – the southern end – of the country. William and Kate have said they want to use their position and status to 'bring the world's attention to Wales'. A spokesperson for Kensington Palace put it on the sentimental: 'The prince and princess are very fond of those places: their first home was in Anglesey ( to the north, not far from Holyhead , ed), and have always appreciated the warmth and kindness of the Welsh”.

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