Kate Middleton has a female super bodyguard: here's everything you don't know (yet) about her

Sergeant Emma Probert has been following her since 2010 and commands the protection team. She is an expert in martial arts, she is always armed and wears a bulletproof vest. Prince William has just rewarded her by making her a member of the Royal Victorian Order. But in her past life there is a great tragedy

  kate-middleton-bodyguard-emma-probert Sergeant Emma Probert always has Kate Middleton's back Photo Video

His name is Probert. Emma Probert. She has been Kate Middleton's guardian angel for 12 years and is in charge of the small team that protects her wherever she goes, 24/7 – Photo | video

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A REWARD TO LOYALTY – To thank her for her service, abnegation and commitment she has always put into her work, Prince William awarded her with the Royal Victorian Order, an honor that is bestowed on those who serve the monarchy with particular distinction. Sergeant Probert, who belongs to Scotland Yard's Royal Protection Unit, showed up at Buckingham Palace in plain clothes, with a white floral dress, jacket and cap, to receive the medal. But she then immediately returned to duty.

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ALWAYS BESIDE KATE – It was entrusted to the Princess of Wales in 2010, shortly before her marriage to William in 2011. It seems that the two women immediately hit it off and have a professional but affectionate relationship. Since then Probert has accompanied her to hundreds of official events. He was with her in her Rolls Royce that took her to Westminster Abbey to marry her prince and always with her at the christening of her three children. The sergeant is an expert martial artist, she always carries a Glock 9mm and a Taser. He wears a bulletproof vest at work. Before going on duty to protect Kate, she was in charge of the security of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, who then lost the escort.

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AN'ORRIBILE TRAGEDY – Sergeant Probert stood out for her valor during the 2005 terrorist attacks in London. She was one of the first officers to intervene in Tavistock Square where a suicide bomber blew himself up while traveling on a bus, killing 52. One of the Scotland Yard inspectors had publicly complimented her on her intervention. In 2009, a tragedy changes her life forever. Probert was on holiday in the French Alps with her husband Michael Probert, 42, also a police officer. He was an expert skier but while descending on a slope he lost a ski, he collided with a wooden fence and died, under the eyes of his wife. Only work, they say, saved the sergeant from despair.

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KATE PATRON OF RUGBY – The Princess of Wales took over from Prince Harry as patroness of England's Rugby football league and attended the first match between England and Papua New Guinea at Wigan Stadium the other day. Despite the rain, Kate, dressed in red, showed up smiling to cheer on the players and she also met the women's team of which she said she was a big fan.

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