Kate Middleton, tenderness with the baby and a low-cost dress: Princess Diana style… in her own way

The Princess of Wales has crouched down on her legs to talk to children in an institution. The skits that followed conquered everyone

 kate-middleton-mango-low-cost-dress Kate Middleton, tenderness with the baby and low coast dress: Princess Diana style... in her own way Photo Video

It happened at the Maternal Mental Health Alliance in London. Kate Middleton was visiting the institute. On the green coat I had pinned the 'poppy', the poppy symbol of Remembrance Day, when soldiers who fell in the world wars are remembered. The Princess of Wales crouched down on her lap to talk to three-year-old Akeem. The skit that followed, filmed by a journalist and posted online, conquered everyone – Photo | video

Kate Middleton tender princess with 3 year old Kate Middleton tender princess with 3 year old

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'WHAT IS YOUR NAME?' - “What's your name?” Akeem asked her. Holding his little hands, Kate replied just as simply: 'My name is Catherine.' 'Okay'. Akeem liked the 'poppy', the poppy pinned on Kate's lapel: «Do you want it?», Kate asked him. And while she was taking off the brooch she continued: «Do you know what it's for?. It's to remember all the soldiers who died in the war. Here it is, it's for you.' The poppy was chosen as a symbol of Remembrance Day because it is the first flower to bloom on battlefields.

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LO STYLE KATE - Mother of three little princes, Kate is comfortable with children. And these moments of tenderness during official outings are always greatly appreciated by the subjects, as well as by the princess' innumerable fans. Somehow, they remind everyone of the effortless, people-focused style that distinguished Lady Diana. But Kate remains very different from her mother-in-law, also for her look choices. She may never have the elegance of her mother-in-law, but she still manages to get people talking by showing off (like her on this occasion) 30 euro dresses.

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