Kate Middleton, tributes to Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana for Remembrance Sunday

It was the first Remembrance Sunday without Queen Elizabeth. King Charles was very moved. Even the Princess of Wales wanted to remember that it is no longer there. From the sovereign to the mother-in-law

 kate-middleton-alla-remembrance-sunday1920 Kate Middleton pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana on Remembrance Sunday Photo Video

It was Camilla and Kate's first official balcony in their new guises. On Remembrance Sunday, Queen Camilla and Kate Princess of Wales looked out on the balcony of the Foreign Office. And William's wife paid her respects to the Queen and her mother-in-law- Photo | video

Totti-Blasi, the arrival in court for the face to face (river) Totti-Blasi, the arrival in court for the face to face (river)

Kate Middleton, tenderness with the child and low cost dress: princess Diana style ... in her own way - guard

THE TRIBUTE TO LADY D - Standing next to the queen consort Camilla, also in black as the royals use in these particular days, Kate Middleton wore the traditional poppy brooch (the poppy or 'poppy' is the symbol of the anniversary because it is the first flower to blossom on battlefields). But the other accessories of the Princess of Wales did not go unnoticed either: she wore diamond and pearl pendant earrings that belonged to Lady D. She wore them on several occasions, including at a banquet for the Japanese emperor Akihito in 1990 and at a gala in Palace of Versailles in 1994.

Kate Middleton, lady in red in the rain: not even water affects its elegance - guard

A LIVE MEMORY - This was also the first Remembrance Sunday without Queen Elizabeth, who passed away on 8 September. During the celebrations, King Charles III appeared very moved. Kate also has a very vivid memory linked to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of this Remembrance Day for her. Last year, the queen forfeited the very last one. And she had wanted her stepniece instead of her. Kate found herself on the balcony in the place of honour, in the centre, between Camilla and Sophie of Wessex. A certificate of esteem from the sovereign.

Kate Middleton, autumn princess: focus on camel color ... even too much - guard

THE TRIBUTE TO THE QUEEN - During the evening at the Royal Albert Hall, on the always very composed dress, together with the brooch with poppies, William's wife used two jewels belonging to Elizabeth (the queen also lent them to Lady Diana): earrings and a pearl choker. The choker in particular was made up of four rows of pearls (a gift from the Japanese government) with a very precious clip with a diamond. The earrings were pendants of diamonds and pearls from Bahrain that Kate also showed off at Prince Philip's funeral.

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