Kate Middleton, unauthorized portrait of the bourgeois who will save the kingdom – exclusive

The British have a new Princess of Wales. She has the reassuring face and measured manner of William's wife. And this is precisely her secret: to be the opposite of Lady D, her beloved and rebellious mother-in-law. As the experts tell us exclusively on Oggi

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Soon you will meet a handsome young man, very rich. He will fall in love with you and marry you. He will take you with him to London. His name is William.' The fortune teller is persuasive and the little girl who has her palm read bursts with happiness: “It's all I ever wanted!” Scene from a school play at St. Andrew School in Buckhold, Berkshire. The young actress, who questions fortune, is 13 years old. Her name is Kate Middleton. A destiny already written, many like to think. But if the show turned out to be prophetic right down to the details, it was almost unthinkable to imagine that that tiny, shy little girl, commoner farmer, granddaughter of miners, might one day become queen. Difficult to triumph where many have failed (Lady Diana, Sarah Ferguson, Meghan Markle), conquer a role within the royal family that did not exist before, that of queen in waiting , mother, wife, working woman, intelligent and graduated (she will be the first sovereign with a degree), the glue between royal austerity and the real world. The face of the pop monarchy - Photo | video

Kate Middleton, wonder in white: she's just like Lady Diana Kate Middleton, wonder in white: she's just like Lady Diana

Kate Middleton, marvel in white: title, style, elegance, jewels ... the Princess of Wales is really back - guard

SEISMIC CHANGE – Now that Elizabeth is gone and a seismic change has hit the crown, her reassuring, dignified, glamorous figure is King Charles III's greatest ally. We have seen her, splendid in white, with earrings and Diana's tiara, at her first state reception at Buckingham Palace as Princess of Wales. A role full of history, full of meaning because it belonged to William's mother. Kate did not let herself be crushed by this weight, she used it to her advantage: «her secret is that she has never tried to emulate Diana. It would have been impossible. Instead she found her way slowly, with courage, affirming her personality, her principles, without ever creating a stir. And always continuing to remember her mother-in-law, with small gestures, such as wearing her jewels, to ensure a sort of historical continuity.

Kate, William and the Baby Royal Guard in Boston – video

POPULAR, THANKS TO THE ORIGINS – People respect her for this», she tells Today Katie Nicholl, biographer of Kate, royal watcher long-time and author of The new royals: queen Elizabeth’s legacy and the future of the crown (The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth's Legacy and the Future of the Crown), just released in Britain. Her transition from Duchess of Cambridge (a title she still retains) to Princess of Wales was seamless, effortlessly Kate stepped into the role of her who will take her to the throne, but without losing herself. It is no coincidence, observes Nicholl, that one of her first outings after the death of the sovereign was a visit to a maternity ward in Surrey. She will continue to be involved in causes that are close to her heart: the well-being of new mothers and children, childhood education, youth mental problems. But her popularity is also linked to her origins: 'People can relate to her,' continues Nicholl. «She is not an aristocrat, she comes from a very united middle class family. She has accustomed herself to royal life with a dignity and composure that impressed her subjects. I assure you it's not easy.' If the monarchy without Elizabeth is not weaker, it is due to her, Kate, the true heir, albeit not by blood, of the most beloved queen in history. “In many ways Catherine is similar to Elizabeth II. She is not a royal, but Elizabeth should not have been queen either. As she sacrificed a lot, she gave up a normal life for love, just like the recently deceased sovereign. Between the two there was a relationship of great affection and the queen was very grateful to Kate for her support. The future and success of our monarchy rests largely on her shoulders. And they are broad-shouldered.'

Kate Middleton (who dusts off the burgundy red) and William of England, the American tour is sabotaged by Harry and Meghan - guard

SOFT HEART, GRANITE TEMPERA – It is no coincidence that they call it a steel marshmallow (like the queen mother): a heart as soft as the famous American snack, but with a granite temper. After all, the Sunday Times he claims that she is the true revolutionary of Palazzo. To her compliant appearance, at the service of her husband, she is instead her strength that guides him, offering him a different perspective from the privileged one of court life. She taught William to be a man of the people (or at least to seem so), she showed him what a real family is, warm and welcoming. The Middletons have become the center of gravity of the future king, a school of bourgeois life, which served the prince to get out of the court bubble. And now Kate is preparing to conquer America. On December 2, she was in Boston with her husband for the Earthshot Prize ceremony, a sort of Nobel prize for sustainable innovation. It has been almost ten years since the Duchess has set foot in the United States and getting there as Princess of Wales will be a triumph. Americans were obsessed with Diana and see Kate as her natural heir. “In States there is great affection for the Cambridges, the Americans are fascinated by them», notes Nicholl. «And after the interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which they accused the monarchy of racism, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer so popular. I think William and Kate will easily overtake them across the Atlantic as well.'

Kate Middleton and William of England in Boston between basketball, smiles and… embarrassment over the racism scandal - guard

POSITION NEVER HELD – Although she is not in the line of succession to the throne, it has been suggested in the House of Lords that the princess be appointed councilor of state, a position never held by an 'acquired' royal and which establishes the prerogative of being able to act for the king in his absence. This is why if the British monarchy, the most prestigious in the world, does not disappear amid republican upheavals, scandals and winds of secession, it will only be thanks to the silent revolution of this bourgeois without blue blood.

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