Katja Krasavice: Fan meeting triggers police operation

  Katja Krasavice has launched her own soft drink brand. Katja Krasavice has launched her own soft drink brand. Image: www.imago-images.de / imago images

Katja Krasavice is with her Music still very successful: With her album 'Pussy Power' she again managed to get to number one in the German charts. But the rapper is not content with just one mainstay.

Now the 26-year-old wants to venture into the beverage market with her own soft drink. The drinks have been on the market under the name 'Sugarmami' since August 1 – with an unbelievable circulation of ten million cans.

Katja is on tour with her beverage brand until August 21st, stopping in Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Vienna and Munich to commemorate her Fans personally distribute free soft drinks. With apparent success so far: The fans could hardly wait to meet the 'Onlyfans' interpreter at the campaign – however, the rush has recently become so great that the police had to intervene.

Sugar mami action must be interrupted by the police

Her Sugarmami tour started on Monday Hamburg . at Instagram Katja had previously announced that she would be there with her branded drinks trolley and would be giving away cans. Since many of their 3.4 million followers had apparently followed this call, the campaign had to be interrupted. In her Insta story, Katja shared with her community:

'There are so many of you, the police pulled us out before we even started.'
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A little later, she shared with her fans on the image and video platform: 'I've now been sent away by the police. I've been told that if people run into the street, they'll stop. Of course it's dangerous, I can understand that.'

The extent of the riots could be seen online: Katjas Auto was surrounded by fans screaming her name and filming the whole spectacle. Others ran after the rapper's moving car on the street, ignoring it Traffic .

Chaotic meeting: That's what the police say

At the request of ' Tag24 A police spokesman said of the situation: Katja was therefore not able to present any necessary 'special use permit'. The event was therefore not allowed to take place at the original location.

For this reason, Katja had to look around for a new location - and finally found one. There were similar scenes: The beverage truck was closely besieged, as Insta stories from their fans revealed.

During the riot, an incident is said to have occurred: According to a spokesman, a female guest briefly collapsed and had to be cared for by the emergency services. Katja herself apparently didn't notice anything and later thanked her community on Instagram: 'Guys, today was pure escalation. You are the most blatant.'

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Katja Krasavice settles accounts with haters

Katja is in Leipzig with her Sugarmami drinks trolley on Wednesday. As she explained in advance on Instagram, she is particularly looking forward to this stop. 'In the city where I was told every day to conform because I'm 'way too much'. Way too 'bitchy', way too revealing and above all, I've always been told that I'll never achieve anything,' she explained.

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As always, Katja is self-confident: She is a good example of the fact that in the end it is always right to be exactly how you want. She added: 'The laughter and hatred of others has spurred me on more and more to be myself. Because if you choose to swim against the current, the path will be 1000 times harder. But in the end you see that it was worth it.'

Source: watson.de