Kevin Spacey, the jury acquits the actor: 'He did not molest Anthony Rapp'

The verdict in New York denies the accusation of sexual advances against a colleague, then 14, during a party in 1986. In the courtroom, the former Hollywood star said he did not immediately declare his homosexuality for fear of his homophobic father and racist

 Jury finds Kevin Spacey did not molest fellow actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14 Actor Kevin Spacey leaving the New York court that acquitted him Video

Kevin Spacey did not molest Anthony Rapp in 1986. This was decided by a New York jury called to rule on the allegations made by Rapp, an actor like him, who accused him of using violence when he was only 14, during a party in the apartment by Spacey in Manhattan. – video

Kevin Spacey in London court for sexual assault trial Kevin Spacey in London court for sexual assault trial

All the troubles of Kevin Spacey, on trial in London for molestation and rape - guard

A DESTROYED CAREER - At the time of the events, in 1986, Spacey was 26 years old. It ends like this the civil trial in which Rapp had asked the Hollywood star for compensation of 40 million dollars. Spacey, present in the courtroom, hugged lawyers and immediately left. Following the allegations received in 2017 in full MeToo, the Hollywood star had seen his career interrupted, with the exclusion from the cast of the successful series House of Cards , the cancellation of film  Gore  and deleting from All the money in the world of the scenes in which he appeared, replacing him with another actor .

THE HOMOPHOBIC FATHER - It took the jury less than 90 minutes to reach their verdict. Previously, during his deposition, Spacey had justified not having publicly declared himself homosexual for years, with his fear of the reactions that his father Thomas Fowler, racist and homophobic, could have. “My father was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi – Spacey had said -. It meant my siblings and I were forced to listen to hours and hours of my father teaching us his beliefs.” The allegations against Spacey have multiplied over the years. Eight crew members of House of Cards , the son of actor Richard Dreyfuss and that of journalist Heather Unruh have claimed they were molested by Spacey. while other cases date back to the period in which the latter was artistic director of the Old Vic. Some of them turned out to be unfounded, but still in May 2022 an English court indicted him for sexual harassment between 2005 and 2013 against three men when they were still minors.