Kiev 007 alarm: 'Moscow is preparing an attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant'

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russians would be ready for a false flag attack on the nuclear power plant to sow panic in Europe, blame Kiev and stop hostilities. Peace efforts stalled after China asked for the annexed regions to be recognised. Zelensky does not give in and Medvedev provokes: 'Impossible negotiations as long as the clown is there'

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Alarm from Kiev's 007: the Russians would be ready for a false flag attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe. Objective: to sow panic, blame the Ukrainians and force everyone to carry out a thorough investigation, stopping the hostilities. Lula offers himself to Putin as mediator together with India and China, but Beijing's hypothesis of recognizing the annexed regions holds back the peace plan. Medvedev provokes: 'Negotiations impossible as long as the clown Zelensky is there'. The mirror reveals that on the sabotage of Nord Stream 'traces leading to Kiev are increasing'. - photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5 | video 6 | video 7 | video 8

Mariupol, the Russians rebuild after the occupation Mariupol, the Russians rebuild after the occupation

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FEAR AT THE NUCLEAR PLANT - The great fear for Zaporizhzhia rebounds on the agencies during the night, when Ukrainian intelligence issues a note to the Kyiv Independent in which the intention of Moscow, which occupies the nuclear power plant, to prepare a large-scale provocation 'in the next few hours' is revealed. It reads: “To achieve this, an attack will be carried out directly on the territory of the establishment. Later, an announcement will be made about a catastrophic release of radioactive substances. Ukraine will of course be blamed for the incident.” Precisely in anticipation of the attack, Vladimir Putin's army deliberately interrupted the scheduled rotation of the personnel of the IAEA's permanent monitoring mission on May 26, in order to 'hide their actions'. The target? “Provoke the international community to conduct a detailed investigation during which all hostilities will be stopped” allowing the Russians to regroup.

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WAR FRONTS - The governor of Kharkiv, Oleg Synyehubov, denounces on Telegram: 'We are working in Izium, where the enemy has struck the most massive blow in the entire period of a large-scale invasion with Shahed kamikaze drones'. Synyehubov also posts a video: “Industrial enterprises, civil infrastructure were damaged and a school was destroyed. Even private residential buildings; they have been damaged. Now all services are working in an intensified mode to eliminate the consequences of these attacks. Terror against the civilian population, which the enemy resorts to, is the result of his defeats on the front lines. The attacks on civilians are another manifestation of the effective helplessness of the occupiers. We will win'. The village of New York, in the Donetsk region, was also hit by bombs: one person was injured and three skyscrapers, a kindergarten, a clinic, a cinema and a gym were damaged. And the missile attack on the Dnipro hospital rises to 2 civilians dead and 31 wounded. On the opposite side, pro-Russian officials who occupy Mariupol claim that the city has been reached by long-range British missiles, which have hit the Azovstal plant, the scene of fierce clashes in the first months of the war. But even beyond the Russian border the attacks continue: the governor of the Krasnodar region, Veniamin Kondratyev, speaks of new explosions and announces the shooting down of two enemy drones.

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BETWEEN ARMS RACE AND PEACE PLANS - Even attempts at mediation do not stop. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says Putin is ready for a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. And the president of Brazil Lula says he is willing to carry on peace talks together with India, Indonesia and China. However, the special representative of Beijing, Li Hui, believes that in order to reach a solution to the conflict, Moscow must keep the four annexed Ukrainian regions. A point on which all negotiations have so far always stalled. Once again, in fact, Kiev lets it be known that 'no compromise is possible on the occupied territories'. The reply triggers, as usual, the irritated reaction of the deputy chairman of the Russian National Security Council, Dmitry Mevdedev: 'As long as the current regime and the clown Zelensky remain in power in Kiev, talks will be impossible. Everything always ends in negotiations, it's inevitable, but as long as these people are in power, the situation for Russia will not change in terms of negotiations.' So that we look much more concretely at a new arms race. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry writes on Twitter: 'Four squadrons of F-16 fighters are exactly what we need to free our country from the aggressor.' For US General Mark Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Moscow cannot win the war. But the Kremlin does not stop and explains the reason for the transfer of nuclear weapons to Belarus, subject to 'a very hostile environment'. Meanwhile, the WHO draws up a balance sheet of the damages of the conflict: 967 Russian attacks on Ukrainian healthcare since the beginning of the war, with 97 dead and 126 injured. Finally, we return to talk about the mystery of the sabotage of Nord Stream. This time due to an anticipation of the new issue of The mirror , according to whom, for the gas pipeline explosions, more and more clues point to Ukraine's responsibility.

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