King Charles of England sells Queen Elizabeth's horses and instead of the Corgi he installs his Jack Russells

Changing of the guard at court. Away with the thoroughbreds and dogs so loved by Elizabeth II. The sovereign has different tastes in terms of four-legged friends and would like to turn the royal stables into a museum.

 queen-elizabeth-horses Elizabeth of England, her beloved horses auctioned by her son Charles... Photo Video

The true change of pace of the monarchy is not only evident from the gaffes of the new king or from his lack of inclination towards neutrality, but above all from the turnover of the court animals. Out with the Corgis adored by Elizabeth II and in with the Jack Russells. Away with racing horses and stables in whose place perhaps a museum will be born – Photo | video

Elizabeth of England, what a passion for (her) horses! Elizabeth of England, what a passion for (hers) her horses!

Elizabeth of England, what a passion for her horses! – guard

THE AUCTION OF CHAMPIONS – The Queen was obsessed with her racehorses. You had a top-notch stud farm, in its heyday it was one of the best in the UK. In her life she has accumulated winnings of over 10 million euros, last year alone she earned almost 700 thousand euros thanks to her thoroughbreds. And to think that she had started in the fifties with about twenty horses and a couple of trainers. Now Carlo wants to cease operations and slowly eliminate all the horses. The first batch of twelve thoroughbreds will be auctioned later this month and more will follow (the Queen still had 37 in all). Also on the line-up are Just Fine, the first horse to win a race since the Sovereign's passing, and Love Affairs, the late champion, who crossed the finish line first at the Goodwood races just two days before the death of Elizabeth II.
The foals that will be born next year, about thirty in all, will be the last to have a link with the name of the longest-lived sovereign of the United Kingdom and it is certain that they will be auctioned off for their weight in gold. Finally, within three years, the royal stables could be transformed into a museum.

Charles of England and Queen Camilla worried about a cursed diamond: they will have to change their crown - guard

REPLACEMENT IN THE REAL KENNELS – Even the Corgis, never too loved by Carlo, have already been evicted from the Palazzo. Conveniently gifted to Prince Andrew who will take care of it together with his ex-wife Sara Ferguson, since they still live together at the Royal Lodge. Fergie has already published a photo of one of the two on her social networks (Muick or Sandy, it is not specified). Instead, the Jack Russells arrive at court, the favorites of Camilla, queen consort. The couple owns two, Bluebell and Beth, who posed for the cover of Countrylife magazine a few months ago with a pearl necklace. They were rescued from the Battersea dogs & cats home, of which Camilla is the patron saint.
From now on they will be the ones to welcome visitors and, for the record, unlike the Corgis, so far they have not yet bitten anyone.