Kirstie Alley, the protagonist of 'Look Who's Talking' has died at only 71 years old. John Travolta: 'We'll see each other again'

The actress died of a tumor discovered only recently. The announcement of her children. And the yearning of the actor who was next to her in many films

 kirstie-alley-john-travolta-dead Kirstie Alley, here with John Travolta, was born in Kansas on January 12, 1951 Photo Video

Kirstie Alley, the sitcom star Eat Eat and matchless mom in Look Who's Talking , died aged just 71 after a brief battle with cancer. The announcement was made by her children True and Lillie Parker: “We are sad to inform you that our incredible, proud and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered. She was surrounded by her closest family members and she fought with great strength, leaving us with the assurance of her infinite joy of living whatever happened. She was iconic on screen as well as she was a wonderful mother and grandmother” – Photo | video

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Kirstie Alley's diet – guard

THE RACE - Born in Wichita, Kansas on January 12, 1951, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actress, abandoning her university studies. She started out as a contestant on TV quizzes, but her breakthrough came later, playing Rebecca Howe in the series Eat eat , which saw her win her first Emmy in 1991. She won her second thanks to For the love of David . At the cinema she had made her debut in Star Trek II – The Khan’s Son , but it was next to John Travolta that she was overwhelmed by success thanks to the three hilarious films Look Who's Talking and sequels Look who's shoveling 2 and Look who's talking now!

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JOHN TRAVOLTA'S MESSAGE - After the separation from her second husband, with whom she had adopted the two children, she went into crisis and weighed over 100 kg. And it took her years to pull herself together and find her serenity again. Which led her to participate in various shows, including dancing with the Stars . Among her first messages of condolence, that of John Travolta, who addressed her directly: 'I love you, I know we'll see each other again'.