Kobe Bryant, 16 million in compensation to widow Vanessa after the release of the photos of the accident

The wife of the former NBA champion had sued Los Angeles County after some officials had released images of the bodies of the basketball star and his daughter, taken at the scene of the disaster

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Kobe Bryant's widow Vanessa won a lawsuit filed against Los Angeles County for the release of photos relating to the helicopter crash on January 16, 2020 in which the NBA champion, daughter Gianna and seven others were killed. people. - Photo | video

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THE MOTIVATION OF THE JURY - The federal jury that chose to accept the basketball champion's widow's request motivated the choice by saying that the maxi compensation was necessary after the 'deep emotional distress' caused by agents and firefighters who shared photos of the star's bodies of basketball and his daughter, taken at the scene of the disaster. It was a violation of privacy with very serious consequences for the families of the victims. Chris Chester, who lost his wife and daughter in the accident, also received $ 15 million in compensation.

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THE TESTIMONY OF VANESSA - “I live every day in fear of being on social media and seeing these shots pop up, I live in fear that my daughters are on social media and that they see those images”, testified the woman in court. As pointed out by the lawyers of the injured parties, the dissemination of the images by the agents had no investigative purposes, but amounts to a macabre gossip.

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THE DIFFERENCE - County Attorney J. Mira Hashmall tried to defend the defendants by saying the photos were a necessary tool for assessing the situation, but he too had to acknowledge that there was no reason to spread them in the agents' private chats. But adding that they never left those chats, they were not shared either to the press or to the families of the victims.

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