Lady D 25 years after her death, the doctor who helped her: 'Her face was perfect and she was still breathing'

Frederic Mailliez remembers the excited minutes in the tunnel of L’Alma, in Paris, after the crash in which Diana Spencer died: 'I raised her head ... I still have in my fingers the sensation of delicacy of that soft, shiny, well-kept hair'


“The head was lowered to the chest. I had to lift her up, I put my hand on her neck, I started to push up her and at a certain point I had in front of her the splendor of her face, complete with her, perfect for her ... her on the back of her neck. I still have in my fingers the sensation of delicacy of that soft, shiny, well-kept hair… ».
25 years after the tragic crash in the L’Alma tunnel in Paris, he speaks to Today the doctor who rescued Lady Diana, Frederic Mailliez, who was passing by. - Photo | video

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 !P!Oggi!IS!0035.2022!N!35 COVER!E!.pdf ON THE REAR SEAT - 'I realized that there was a wrecked car stopped in the opposite lane. How long had this been happening? According to the police, 30 seconds. I stopped, put the flashing light on the roof, got out and ran to the other side ... I looked out the right windows to make a quick assessment. There were four people. The driver had slid forward, I hardly saw him. Next to it was a man in pain (Trevor Rees-Jones, bodyguard, ed). Behind there was a woman. Vertical position, knees on the floor, resting on the seat in front. She was in profile, turned towards the inside of the car. She breathed. A man was lying in the back seat (Dodi, ed). He wasn't breathing. He appeared to be in cardiac arrest. '

Lady Diana, sweet and rebellious princess. 25 years after her death, the images that tell her like never before - she looks

EXCHANGED FOR ONE 007 - The doctor remembers all the details and refers them to Today : «I called for help. Two in cardiac arrest and two in serious condition, I said. I had no defibrillator, for the driver and the man in the back seat there was nothing I could do. The passenger in front was complaining, he was conscious, so he could wait. The woman was breathing hard. I took the respiratory mask and helped her. She was hypotonic. She was struggling. But lifting her head allowed her to improve ventilation. ' She then confirms what was said to the investigators: 'At the moment I arrived in the tunnel, there were no paparazzi. And when they arrived they never hindered my work ». Frederic Mailliez discovered that he had helped Diana only the next morning: 'My partner woke me up and told me everything. It was a shock ». And then he was 'thrown into a surreal dimension ... An American journalist described me as a British intelligence agent who intervened to finish Diana.'

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