Lady Diana, sweet and rebellious princess. 25 years after her death, the images of her that tell her like never before

His life minute by minute. With her husband, with her children, in the arms of her last love. All this in our book on Lady D, immortal princess

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There are words, in its short and intense history, that still strike. And there are photographs that portray it so authentic that it is right to keep them. This is why we decided to publish the photo book Lady D - Sweet and rebellious princess, 25 years after Diana's death - Photo | video

To remember that, once upon a time, Prince Charles spoke of her only with love: «I was struck by her vitality, her human energy, the joy of living». A time in which there were no outbursts and restlessness between them, and he was able to grasp in her partner 'a basic shyness, which however she manages to hide with perfect self control'. Or again, the enthusiasm of the Archbishop of Canterbury who married them on July 29, 1981: 'This is the scene of a great fairy tale'. Indro Montanelli's admired and somewhat bitter comment: 'Unlike Italy, England knows that it is a national community, and finds its feeling precisely on the occasion of these royal glories'. Up to the witty chronicle of the correspondent of Today , Giorgio Lazzarini: 'A list, circulated in the newspapers, of alleged Roman nobles who would have received an invitation from BuckinghamPalace was found to be false. His Majesty's press office has unequivocally denied having sent the precious cardboard to Marina Lante della Rovere ('Sorry, we don't know who she is') and to her alleged knight, the art critic Achille Bonito Oliva. Indeed, hearing this name pronounced by Michael Shea, impeccable spokesman for the Royal Palace, misunderstood and with a start said: «“ Benito? We know only one Italian Benito, but he appears to have been dead for some time ”».

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There is also that photo where Diana runs to hug William and Harry aboard the Britannia yacht, and which the princess loved so much that she wanted to keep it hanging in her bedroom. She and she echoes the pain of the two boys everywhere: «Every day we would like her with us».

'IF IT HAD LIVED LONGER ...' - The exact words of Lady D on TV scroll, which were like acid on the pages of the apparent fairy tale: 'There were three of us in this marriage. There was a bit of a crowd ... '. And the photo of her with a seductive little black dress, short and low-cut. She had been rejecting him for three years because she found him bold. But Carlo had just confessed on TV that he loved Camilla, and Lady D wanted revenge.

William and Harry of England, shocked confession: 'For years we have not talked about our mother Diana' - guard

The memories of those who received only good from her emerge: 'If she had lived longer, this place would have been better than it is today', sighed last year the head of an elderly center in Zimbabwe that Lady D supported. . Still, the first images of her love of her with Dodi Al Fayed, that's right Today public.

Lady Diana and Charles of England: the unseen photos of their wedding sold for just 12,000 pounds ... - guard

Precious photographs because basically, of the feelings that bound them, we only know that kiss and the tenderness of him embracing her and of her crouching against him as they crossed the Mediterranean. There are the words of those who saw her in the last moments, in the hospital: 'she had the face of an angel'. The words of the queen, bewildered by her loss, and by seeing the whole world in tears: 'May each of us thank God for a woman who has made many, many people happy.' And her speech that her brother, Earl Spencer, threw like a stone at the funeral: 'Diana, I promise you, we won't let your beloved children, William and Harry, suffer the same fate as you.' Finally, that 'Mummy,' Mommy, which 12-year-old Harry wrote by hand on a blank card. The only one to be placed on the coffin of the princess, among the flowers. The only word, 'Mommy', which accompanied her on the day of farewell.
Paola Manciagli