Lady Louise Windsor, the Queen's granddaughter works for 8 euros an hour before the exclusive university. The same as William of England and Kate Middleton

The queen's niece, like many young people her age, spent the summer working (in a plant and flower shop). The daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, conquers her with her kindness and modesty

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Like many young people of her age, the queen's niece, Lady Louise Windsor, also worked all summer: she did it in a plant and flower shop and from revelations, the daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, earned the UK minimum wage allowed: £ 6.63 an hour. - Photo | video

Lady Louise Windsor is 18 years old: Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter must now decide whether to become a princess ... - guard

WAITING FOR UNIVERSITY - The 18-year-old earned the highest grades at the end of her high school course and chose an exclusive university to continue: 'Lady Louise will attend St. Andrews University and study English,' the family said in a short statement. . She will thus follow in the footsteps of cousin William of England and Kate Middleton, who met and fell in love with her at St. Andrews.

Lady Louise Windsor is among the 'magnificent 7' chosen by Queen Elizabeth. And there are excellent excluded ... - guard

THE REAL ORDER - In the flower shop where she was employed all summer, Lady Louise helped with the checkout, dealing with customers, pruning and potting the plants. “It's not every day that you buy begonias from a royal,” jokes a buyer interviewed by Daily Mail . Everyone, customers and staff, described the girl as sweet, polite and very modest.

Sophie from Wessex steals the show from Anna of England at the Chelsea Flower Show - guard

LADY LOUISE - The daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex, by choice of her parents, does not have the title of Royal Highness, as does her younger brother James, but both have the option of adopting him later in life. Louise studied English, History, Politics and Drama at her school in Ascot, near the Bagshot Park family home where she lives in a £ 30 million mansion. She is passionate about horseback riding, a love she inherited from her late grandfather Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who personally taught her this sport (see). She rides on a competitive basis and will no doubt want to continue her hobby through college.

Lady Louise Windsor: how Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter grew up! - guard

RELATIONSHIP WITH GRANDMA - The 18-year-old is very close to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, as evidenced by the increasingly public role within the royal family: she was among the protagonists at Trooping the Color, during the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, and joined the his parents and his brother James, Viscount Severn, 14, at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.