Lando Buzzanca, here's how he is: “It weighs yes and no 50 kilos. It remains 10% of what it was”

Dr. Fulvio Tomaselli talks about the actor's condition, now hospitalized in Gemelli. And he reconstructs how it got to this point. While he continues the exchange of accusations between his partner and his children

  lando-buzzanca-admitted-hospital-accuses-doctor-1920 Lando Buzzanca and Francesca Della Valle: it is open war between her (who is 35 years younger than the actor) and his children Photo Video

Lando Buzzanca, after the complaint on social media, his trusted doctor Fulvio Tomaselli explains why he wanted to make public the clinical conditions of an icon of Italian comedy: “It weighs yes and no 50 kg. It remains 10% of what it was. I haven't been able to get in touch with him since April 2021' Photo | video

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Lando Buzzanca hospitalized, the complaint of his trusted doctor: 'They reduced him to a skeleton' - X Gossip guard

HOW'S LANDO - Today the 87-year-old actor is hospitalized at the Gemelli Polyclinic, after falling from the wheelchair in the nursing home where he has been a guest since December 2021. Tomaselli explains to Corriere della Sera : 'Today of Lando Buzzanca remains 10% of what was. In all senses. He was 1.87 meters tall and weighed 83 kilos. Until 2021 he had a perfect physique, beyond his wit and sympathy for him. Today he is a shrunken, emaciated man, he is missing a tooth and he will weigh more or less 50 kilos. One leg of him is as much as my arm ”. He cannot say what the rsa is “and in any case it is of little importance. The RSA are not places of care”.

Fear for Lando Buzzanca, who fell out of his wheelchair and was hospitalized. Here's how it is – guard

I CAN NOT SEE IT - And he adds: “I haven't been able to see Lando since April 21 last year. But having worked for 50 years in the health sector, I am able to obtain indirect information on his health conditions. And when they told me how he got to Gemelli two weeks ago, I couldn't believe it ”. He says that his partner Francesca Della Valle managed to visit him “And I had confirmation of it: he was dozing, he ate with difficulty, he had bedsores and he muttered to her: 'Take me away'. That's why he wanted to tell everything on Facebook.

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THE ILLNESS - But what does Lando Buzzanca suffer from? It all happened on the night of April 21: 'The night after the second dose of the anti-Covid vaccine was administered in the Auditorium, Lando fell ill and fell. He was found the following morning on the floor by the maid. I don't want to say that the cause is the vaccine, maybe it would have fallen anyway. But after the ambulance was called, Lando was taken to the Santo Spirito hospital in Rome. I called to make myself available since I knew his medical history of him, but I have not been able to get in touch with him since ”.

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COME BRUCE WILLIS - Tomaselli is an angiologist and has known him since 2014, when the actor sought him out to solve vascular problems. 'Lando suffered from aphasia, meaning he couldn't pronounce words. And this is not the best for an actor. It's like losing a hand for a pianist.' It is therefore the same disease diagnosed in Bruce Willis and which forced the Hollywood star to leave the cinema too early ( guard ). But the doctor is also sure of something else: 'I've never seen signs of senile dementia in him, just as I've never seen any medical certificate attesting to it. So much so that despite the attempts, Buzzanca has not been banned by the guardianship judge, but he has a support administrator. Then the fact that the law that instituted it, the 6 of 2004, should be abolished, also to save Nando, is another matter'. Yet, it was his son Massimiliano who spoke of senile dementia, in November 2021, speaking to the Corriere della Sera : 'Everyone knows him as the great actor, but unfortunately dad is ill and also has dementia. Up until two weeks ago I was telling myself that he was just 'forgetful', because calling it senile dementia breaks my heart. Once — a long time ago now — my brother Mario and I used to joke, we called him stupid if he forgot something, it was a game, but now it's a serious matter. He's never going back, he's bound to get worse and worse, he's never going to get better.' – guard

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