'Lanz': Kühnert reaps criticism for the proposal – the ZDF moderator teases

 Kevin Kühnert teaches"Lanz" eine Übergewinnsteuer ins Spiel, erhält aber Gegenwind. Kevin Kühnert brings an excess profit tax into play with 'Lanz', but encounters headwind. Image: zdf screenshot

Talk show master Markus Lanz is back from the summer break and addresses the current tense situation with energy prices. Above all, the planned gas surcharge of 2.4 cents per kilowatt hour worries many affected citizens. Many unsolved questions regarding the introduction of the gas surcharge are discussed , among other things, whether the state must charge an additional VAT on the levy.

These were the guests at 'Markus Lanz' on August 16, 2022:

Source: watson.de