Lapo Elkann with his wife Joana Lemos, love and shopping (but not luxury) in Milan

Difficult to see them in Italy (he chose Portugal for love). Even more difficult to see them in a 'household' version. Like here, in Brera, where they prefer the supermarket to a fashion boutique. And he bags the groceries

 lapo-elkann-joana-lemos-milan Lapo Elkann and his wife Joana Lemos in Milan: never seen like this Photo Video

Lapo Elkann out for a walk with his wife Joana Lemos: a rarity, given that they got married in great secrecy and don't like showing themselves around too much. Moreover in Milan (further rarity), since they have been living in Portugal for some time and he has definitively moved there for love. But anyhow, shopping is not in control. Even if it's not about luxury purchases, despite being in the center... - Photo | video

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GONE IN PENDANT – Lapo Elkann and his wife Joana Lemos are in Brera, the super chic district of Milan. And their matching clothing is also chic, like two very much in love sweethearts: black and white, both with sneakers on their feet and woolen hats. Lots of talk, lots of smiles, lots of complicity. Until they decide to enter a shop…

Lapo Elkann and Joana Lemos, love… from a red card – exclusive

HE BAGS – The choice, however, does not fall on a luxury boutique. Lapo Elkann and his wife Joana Lemos enter a supermarket instead. Where they do some shopping for dinner. And he, like a good helper, bags the groceries. In short, we don't often see them together, almost never in Milan and... what's more, in the household version.

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IN PORTOGALLO DAL MARRIAGE – Lapo Elkann, in fact, moved to Portugal for the love of his Joana Lemos. They got married on October 7, 2021 and he calls himself 'Mr. Lemos' since she is the more famous of the two there (she is a former rally driver). And he is really in love: “I said about my wife that he helps me become the best version of myself and I confirm it. Every morning I am proud to wake up and see the woman I have by my side,” he says. And it shows, Lapo. Waiting to see him also in the dad version with the two children that his wife had from her ex-husband. Who knows what will happen…

Lapo Elkann and Joana Lemos, the 'secret' marriage